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The Rector Dr. Mrs. C.U Njoku cutting the ribbon for the opening ceremony for the carnival

...Dr Njoku charges member of Alumni Association to identify with their Alma-matter

Ndidiamaka Kalu and Isaac Ovwonuri writes...

It was an atmosphere of joy and jubilation for the students and entire management of federal polytechnic Owerri as they celebrate their 2016 founder’s day/carnival last weekend title “A Harvest of Excellence” at the polytechnic mini stadium and 1,000 capacity auditorium respectively.

Declaring the festival open, the rector Dr. Mrs. Celestina Ugochi Njoku said her conviction that “all work and no play make jack a dull boy” is reality as she sees excitement, enthusiasm and deep commitment on the faces of the participants in this carnival, staff and students.

I feel immensely satisfied that we have brought out a day or two from our usual tight and tasking schedule to relax and enjoy some leisure moment together. It is because of this that I accept the proposal of office of polytechnic development (OPD), the organizers, that this should spread over two day in order to give enough time participants to express themselves and to enjoy the festival thoroughly” she remarked.

Dr. Njoku pointed out that founders day is a day in which FEDPONEK set aside to celebrate their distinguished alumni as she loud the Alumni of federal polytechnic Nekede saying they have been so wonderful for according to her they have set the pace for others to follow hence urging all alumni of the institution who have not identify with the Alumni association to do so in order to find way of being of service to their Alma-matter by writing their names in the sands of time.

Earlier in his remarks, the chairman of the occasion, Mr Desmond Oparaku, the deputy rector administration who also was the maiden guest lecturer 2014 stressed that the spirit behind founder’s day is to identify with our Alma-matter and to remember the founders, the Nekede community who donated their land for the institution to stay while thanking the rector, Dr. Mrs. C.U Njoku who he said is the Grand patron of Alumni and staff of the Polytechnic.

Delivering the lecture titled, “The making of a Great Alumnus”, the guest lecturer Bldr John Duru, defined an Alumnus as a graduate of primary, secondary or tertiary institution where knowledge or training is being impacted saying that the graduate must have undergone series of prescribed courses or training over a period of time in an institution now becomes his/her alma-matter.

Bldr Duru who is an Alumni of FEDPONEK maintained that the making of a great alumnus starts from his/her days in school, collage and polytechnic or university. Hear Him; “as a students, he exhibits good conduct within and outside the campus environment. He or she endeavors to be good student both in character and in learning. They have good interpersonal relations. As he or she passes through the institution they also always the institution to pass through them as their interaction with fellow student, lecturer and other staff avail him with the opportunity to acquire more knowledge about people, their experience and of course life after the four walls of the institution.

Continuing, he said on graduation, the alumnus with a great mind would register as member of the Alumni association as he/she would seek to play active roles wherever he is located and Endeavour to associate with other alumni in that environment hence stating that alumni are important part of an institution advancement for many reasons such as being institutions advancement for many reasons such as being institutions most loyal supporter, having fund raising prospect great role models to students generating invaluable work of mouth, marketing their Alma-matter among their social and profession networks and by engaging alumni, and institution can continue to benefit from their skills and experiences.

However, experience according to Duru has shown that those students who operate triangular movement, from hostel to lecture hall, from lecture hall to library, and from library to hostel may acquire the highest grade in their diploma/degree but become square pegs in round holes in the social or public space as such students may not be interested in what happen in their Alma matter or interested in their alumni matters after graduation even while he encourages students whom he said are great alumni in making liking them to gold that is in process of purification from the raw to the refined state to allow to allow the process to be completed in them so that so that on graduation, they will look back and beat their chest like Losbang Rampa and declared “I have emerged through the flames of hardship and emerged purified”. He also extends his appreciation to the Alumni Executives Council for endorsing him to deliver the lecture.

Adding his voice Mr. Mbuko Mbuko (former student union government president, enjoined the present SUG administration to lead well and be good ambassadors of federal polytechnic Nekede for according to him, the burden of leadership is not an easy one.

“Being as SUG president opened my eyes and gave me an insight of what life is. I came as nobody in FEDPONEK but today people respect me because of what I got from Nekede. I am a proud nekede graduate nobody pass through Nekede and remain the same. In the course of your leadership do the right thing always no matter who is involved. Forget about what you will get now rather invest your time on what Nigeria student who voted you are comfortable. Offer everything, think good for the society and the next generation and by this posterity will never forget you”.

Mbuko thanked the management led by Dr. Mrs C.U Njoku whom he said impacted so much on him and made him stronger and wiser even in the midst of challenges back then saying he is not surprise at the level of infrastructure developed in the institution because he trust the capacity of the Rector.

Reacting, the Director, Office of polytechnic Development, Dr. Nnamdi C. Anumihe thank everyone who participated in the festival pointing out that their aim is to make this not only for students, friends, and well wishers to look forward to each year but also to make it self-sponsored saying OPD thank ASUP, NASU, SANIP, FEDPNOW, WITED, SUG and all other unions for their support.

The festival featured various performances from schools, department, devision, pupils from assumpta international primary school, Central school Umuoma, Nekede among others.

Photos gallery of the Carnival of Arts and Culture for Staff and Students 2016- federal polytechnic Nekede enjoy!



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