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…Rev. Canon Chinemerem my message is that the gospel is exciting also, it is challenging

By Isaac Yoma
Members of the chapel and the chaplain after church service 
OWERRI- Rev. Canon Chinemerem Uche spoke on the concept ‘RUGGED SUNDAY’ saying is a biennial event which also,  a first semester event in Imo State University.
On the concept, he tries to expatiate by using the question, ‘what is this’ saying that there is sense of who and what is this, using manner in the wilderness, fire on mount Sinai, mount of transfiguration, explaining that those examples will also show to people that the mood of dressing today,  for so many people will say what is this what is that.
He tagged His message Jesus Christ is the Messiah. “Any preacher who preaches or prophesy  using the phrase,  ‘if I be a man of God’ has not encounter Jesus Christ”. He further said that even the prophet Elijah who used the word was a fore runner of Jesus Christ. That people should stop preaching the prophets (Moses, Elijah).  And should try and preach the pattern son who is Jesus Christ.
The sermon was concluded by an altar call for those who have decided to give their lives to Christ on that fateful day.
Other activities included the presentation of melodious songs by COTHS CHIOR. Event continues with praise praise praise!!! Till 11:55am


Rev. Canon Chinemerem Uche 

How will you feel having other denominations proclaiming Christ in this pattern of yours?
Other churches have their pattern; there are some that do carnivals for Jesus, there are many patterns they follow. Even worldly carnivals are being done, but to us this is the right way of doing it, though every church has their own pattern of proclaiming Christ. But I always ask people to do things if they are lead by the Holy Spirit because this pattern may not work in another church due to the fact that our audience here is mainly students who are young people.
What is your message to your students, based on this concept and to all Nigerians and every other Christian in the world?
The message I have is that the gospel is exciting also, it is challenging; it challenges us to change our lives,  and pattern it with that of Jesus Christ. So in as much as we enjoy the excitement of our community as Christian’s we should make sure that these excitement should be authenticated, that we have given our lives to Jesus Christ, and that we live our lives according to the pattern that He has set for us, and that we aspire for eternal life.
Are you hoping for this to continue even when you have been transferred from this chapel?
Definitely the person that will come after me will enjoy it. But I wouldn’t say it’s bound on him but he will enjoy it.

Prof. Iyama

What is rugged Sunday?
It’s an initiative and innovation through the instrument of the chaplain Rev. Canon Chinemerem Uche for chapel of the Holy Spirit, IMSU, on 6th of April 2008.
This chapel consists of 98.5% of students of IMSU, and from the very first Sunday we came in here to worship in this land, we all dressed ruggedly due to the fact that the ground was not suitable for normal worship centre. But because of the zeal students has to worship God we decided not to wear our normal outfits but dress ruggedly. So that is what brought about rugged Sunday. We decided to toughen our selves so that the bush that was here, we can match on it and the unusual thing that happened is that throughout our worship here for a whole year rain didn’t drop on us till the church building was roofed but rained in our back, front, and side. Though at the day when the roofing took place it rained heavily that we had to postpone church service hours. But it was our covenant with God and he was truly with us.
What is your message to students, based on this concept and to all Nigerians and Christians in the world?
To these students whom God has been using, my message for them is that all of them who has contributed in one way or the other to this building, to make the name of the lord known in this place, the Lord will not forget them, they will not suffer unemployment. Because you cannot talk about rugged Sunday and not talk about the very first sets of students that worshiped here, who earnestly didn’t get tired of contributing even when all hope was lost. It will be pertinent for you to know also that when I mean all hope was lost is due to the fact that the highest donation we got at the first time was A hundred and fifty thousand naira (150,000) but that didn’t stop the work of God.
For Christians and every other person, even in times of need one should cling to Him, because when you call on Him and do the right thing you will see that God is always with you because is not a fairy tale but a reality that He is always with us.


How do you feel about this day?
It is a commemoration service; trying to remember what God has done for us so I feel good.
What is your message for other students based on this concept of rugged Sunday?
My message for all students based on this concept is that it pays to serve Jesus. A lot of sacrifice is needed to serve Christ; as you can see,  it was the sacrifice made by students who were like us, that is what we are celebrating today so it really pays to serve Jesus Christ.

More photos of the rugged Sunday 


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