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Shoprite: Owerri Mall has been commissioned by Rochas Okorocha.

...with so many roads now, and so many round- about, to make this city a great city ─Rochas

The ultra modern Owerri Mall was commissioned today 17th march 2016 by the incumbent governor, His Excellency Rochas Okorocha. has reported earlier this morning, that the long awaited Owerri Mall will be open today. The Owerri Mall grand opening ceremony was first reported by

Rochas Okorocha speaking on the occasion at Egbu Road Owerri, says that “I am happy for this great project established in my state and in my own administration. Many of you may wonder what would an APC governor be doing in a business championed by a PDP? Let me say to you in political parties we must learn to defend our political parties but in governance, we must unit, to provide to our people the much dividend of democracy. That is the singular reason why I supported this project”.

For those of you who are from Owerri, you will agree with me that few years ago we never had reasons for celebrating this our city Owerri, we never had anything like Shoprite, our schools were totally in mess, such as Owerri township school, all of you know what it were before now. We never had fly-over’s but today we have two, we never had an international conference hall with air condition, but today we are having one; with so many roads now, and so many round- about, to make this city a great city. For years ago these were not in Imo state.

I was ashamed of the state house when I came into power, but to God be thy glory, Imo state house is one of the best in Nigeria.

“Owerri is the second fastest growing city outside Abuja in Nigeria it’s on record”

The government has an open hand to welcome investors, therefore I am here to challenge every Imolites; those of them who have wealth, to come and invest in Imo State as Herbert Chikwe has invested at home.

I am also investing at home too, even my wife and daughter are as well investing at home, there is no other state I will call my own except Imo state.

Further speaking, he advice the opposition party (PDP) members, that those of them who say, since they are not the ones in power, therefore they will not contribute to the development of the state, I call that ‘mberebeism chapter 1 verse 1’.

He concluded his speech by donating a staff bus to Resilient Africa, thanking them and the Owerri Mall chairman chief Herbert and also giving them assurance that they are in the right place for business.
inside Owerri Mall

Rear Admiral Alison Madueke (rtd) who is the chairman of the occasion gave his remark, thanking the governor who gave room for this shopping Mall to exist in Imo state. He also thank the good people of Owerri with every other person that grace the occasion.

Imo state commissioner for industries gave his remark by letting Resilient Africa to understand the audience they are going to deal with, that their products should be affordable to them in terms of prices.

Nze Herbert Chikwe, who is the chairman of Owerri shopping Mall, spoke concerning how long it took government to approve this project which started 35 years ago during the time of Mbakwe.

The foundation laying ceremony was later performed by Alison Madoeke - governor of Imo state 1986.

“In the course of this land issue in court, with trials and tribulation turns me into a legal practitioner”

He thank the wife, who was there for him before this day .Concluded by appreciating the state government for making his long awaited dream of Owerri Mall to be actualized today.

Justice Imo State Student
Speaking on interview with one of the customers Justice an IMSU student,

He said is a welcome development, be it was built by an individual or the present government, all he knows that there is that it’s a big thing that has happen in his state as an Imolite and it’s a welcome development.

What is your take on the prices of Shoprite products that you are holding?

They were sold on cheaper rate and I was so much happy buying them, because when you go to our normal market it’s costlier there and also, it’s stressful but here you have AC which makes it more attractive to come.

Will you say that this industry industry industry that the governor has promised, this is what he was talking about?

Well to me I feel it’s a good thing he did and I am happy about it, I will say that is a welcome development In our state. 

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