Monday, 28 November 2016

Cohabitation on Campus its causes and effects on students

This story was written by Ndidiamaka Ndukwe and Blessing Igbanoi from Imo State.

Dear IYblog readers, here is another edition of Campus Gist. In Today’s edition, we will discuss about cohabitation on campus, its causes and effects on students.

What is cohabitation? The Oxford Advance Dictionary defined cohabitation as a man and woman living together and have a sexual relationship without being married. And in this context, it means two students of opposite sex who are not related either by family or blood and lives together without any legal or religious backing.

Miss Christiana Kelechi, a mass communication student of FEDPONK said that the cause of cohabitation is
due to the cause of God’s word saying that when a person do not have the fear of God in him/her, his/her conscience dies which makes him/her do the wrong thing even without thinking adding that undefined purpose which according to her is not knowing where the relationship will lead to even after doing things which are unnecessary to please their partners.

“My dear, cohabitation to me is not good no matter the cause. It leads to dual personality. Most students behave normal at home but due to the fact that they are now alone in school, they become different persons and portray character that has nothing to write home about as most girls dress indecently only to please their so called partner thereby putting at risk the marriage life of the lady in particular who guys now see as a married person even when her bride price has not been paid just because he is living in a guy’s house” she opined.

In the same vein, Mr. Marcellinus Ezedinachi pointed out that cohabitation has a very strong effect on students as it affects their academic pursuit explaining that it will make the student loose focus on their studies and also change their budget automatically. Hear him;
“The effects of cohabitation on students are many. The girl who is living with her boyfriend will loose focus in her studies because she will be rushing home to go cook for her school-husband, she will wash his cloths and sometimes become errand girl for him. The young lady in the process may get pregnant and withdraw from school while the guy will start hustling to get money for food and other necessities thereby having little or no time for his books.”

Speaking further, Mr. Ezedinachi stressed that jealousy, abortion and even death are always rampant among students who practice cohabitation on campus pointing out that the parents of these students are not aware of this act hence anything can happen, while the guy or lady will run away leaving the other in danger, shame or pain.

However, Mr. Olimeh Ikechukwu Godspower, A student of Building Technology, maintained that cohabitation is good and have some advantage which include, the students or young unmarried couple having the opportunity to know each other better, know how to economize in time of little as the girl or guy who may be an extravagant person will adjust to the current situation at hand knowing that they now catter for two and mutual understanding between the two among others.

Conclusively, we at Campus Gist is of the view “What is worth doing, is worth doing well”, therefore, we advice our fellow students to seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness and every other thing will be added to them as written in Matthew 6:33.

We remind every student that our primary aim in school is to acquire academic excellence, we think that as a young guy and lady, it will be better and rewarding for you when you live separately from your boyfriend or girlfriend for this will make you concentrate more in your studies hence minimizing frivolities such as clubbing. 

A word they says, is enough for the wise. See you on top!!!.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma