Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Exclusive interview: [African Queen] Ekekwe Joy speaks on her modeling career as she celebrates her birthday

Nice and warm, friendly and humble. Ekekwe Joy also known as African Queen, a Federal Polytechnic Nekede graduate has found her feet in modeling and she's glad that she's getting near her dream. Co-vetted as a runway model, she has logged in many fashion shows and competition....... Isaac Yoma's blog spoke with her as she celebrates her birthday today and this is what she has to say about her modeling carrier.

Can you tell us your name? 
My name is Ekekwe Ebere Joy. 

What do friends call you? 
Not only my friends but many calls me African Queen.

How did your fascination for modeling came about? 
Wow! Honestly, I have not really been fascinated by modeling right fro my childhood, I never had interest in it because I was quite chubby then and hated the skinny and outrageous wears models put on. But when I gained admission into the higher institution, everyone kept asking if I was a model, and my course mate literally pushed me into modeling form and honestly, I don't regret treading that path.

How long have you been modeling? 
I have been modeling for roughly 4 years now.

How fascinating, exciting has modeling been? 
Modeling has been awesome. 

Have you been in any part of beauty competition with your beauty? 
Yes, have participated in couple of beauty contests, the majority ones being face of Igbere ( my first major contest ), then miss tourism Nigeria, Miss VIP Nigeria, also pearl Intel. 

What do you think is your most outstanding features, something that is always setting you apart from every other person? 
Well my most outstanding feature is my hairstyle, that sets me apart. 

Can you tell us about some of the best jobs you have done? 
Best jobs? Nahhh I am yet to done one. Am yet to unleash my potentials, those ones were stepping stones.

Among these jobs which of them gave you your greatest break or best recognition? 
My first job, really gave me the best recognition, because the contacts I made from it, still puts me through till date. 

Apart from modeling, what other things are you good at? 
Hmmm...... Asking me what other thing am good at is like asking a mother what she is good at. Am quite versatile, am good at baking, designing, writing, cooking, bead making, counselling, acting, presenting, playing,.... Please the list is long! Lol 

Are there things in modeling that you can't do? 
Sure there are thing is modeling that I can't do. 

Among the designers, which one is the most intriguing and inspiring to you? 
Am a Chanel freak.... I adore their designs and taste. They have a way of making women lust after their products, they are just too cute and they are also versatile. From shoes to cloths and to handbags, I just love Chanel! 

Among your contemporary in the modeling industry, can you tell us about those that continually inspire you? 
Abgani Derego never cease to inspire me and will always do, then Oluchi from Africa's next top model,miss Magreth Onyenagiri. when I see these people do amazing stuffs, I tap my chest and say "yay" I can do this! 

Tell us about your educational background. 
I didn't go to nursery school, I went to Clifford primary school, Day spring Academy secondary school all in Aba, then HND at FEDPONEK. Owerri. 

Tell us about your family. 
Wow!.... My family is quite a small one and also a big one too. I was born into the family of 5 comprising of my parents and siblings. Am the baby of the house. I also have many cousins who I adore. We are Christians.

What would it take someone to succeed as a model in Nigeria? 
Determination, creativity, hard-work, and grace. 

What do you think is the hardest thing about being a model? 
The hardest thing about being a model here exclusively in Nigeria, is stereotyping. Seriously models are being seen as whores or people without morals, dealing with this  impression is very hard. I wish people will quit seeing models as moral  bankrupt individuals and give us chance to show our innate abilities.

How would you describe your relationship with the camera? 
Lol.. Camera is one of my bestie. Anytime I have a shoot I pray it doesn't end. The studio is one of my favorite playing ground and camera is my favorite play tool. 

Are there things you consider before taking a job? 
Sure there are things I consider before thanking a job. For me one thing I usually consider is if the job would project me and my values and or what effect it's having on the outside world. If it is not friendly my dear I back out.

Describe your person.  
I am unique! 

What is your beauty routine? 
Beauty routine, do I really have one? Lol well I will say I do a lot of exfoliation. I exfoliate my face and sometimes body too this may occur weekly. And I don't joke with drinking my morning water, I can drink water for Africa! I eat fruits a lot sometimes I go on only fruits alone for a day. I avoid junks and sugaring food a lot. And I don't ever do the mistake of sleeping with make up on. 


  1. Truly unique and amazing!

    Happy Birthday, dearie!

  2. Go girl! See you at the top!

  3. Elegant Aqlicious u look stunning sweetie

  4. I know that Joy will go places after winning face of Igbere. She Is the most outstanding among the past winners


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