Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Finally a Nigerian produces made in Nigerian car

It's original car made in Nigeria! 

All parts of this car are manufactured in Nigeria, including the engine. This car was seen at Douglas Road in Owerri, Imo State,  Nigeria.

On it was two handsome young looking men wearing safety helmets. 

The sports car which has no manufacturer or producers name, has the following description. 

  • Painted in mixed colours 
  • It's engine sounds differently from normal foreign made race car. 
  • Its body is made with irons. 
  • The tyres looks purely like made in Nigeria. 
  • Its wheels looks like made in Nigeria too. 
  • It has nice traffic light 💡. 
  • Has high level of good break. 
  • Its whole body was joined together with welded irons. 

These and many more reasons why says it's an original made in Nigeria car. 

Before now there are cases that cars parts are always imported to Nigeria for assembling. But today we found a different thing entirely. 

Who so ever that made the discovery in Nigeria, as the original car made in Nigeria gradually comes up, we say congratulation. 

In our reporters quest to know more about the secret manufacturer, we found out that the car in question was being tested for the first time on Nigeria Road. 

This post first appeared in Isaac Yoma's Blog. 

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