Saturday, 19 November 2016

I don't do anything with my LIFE.... 6 REASONS YOUR HOBBY CAN HELP

Over the years I have thought about writing an article on this matter, due to the fact that so many people I have seen doing the job they have today, have not find the job as a hobby. Therefore they find no happiness, Joy or gladness of heart doing the job. This suffices that no matter the job you are doing, you must find your hobby in it. You think you have the whole time? No way my dear. It's now that you must act.

In recent times, many of a people have actually not seen hobby as what one should bear in mind seeking a job. Have you ever asked your self this question as a young graduate, one who is seeking for a job, based on thoughts like; doing your job and finding happiness, Joy and gladness of heart?  Well I will leave that for you to answer. 

It will be pertinent for you to know that, your hobby is the joy you have in doing that job you are thinking of getting into or that which you have started doing already, the better you find joy doing it the better for you. 

Does it necessarily matter the amount of money involved that you are earning? Well to me I don't think so. Some earns huge amount of money in the course of doing their job, but hardly find happiness in spending the money. Is that what you really want? 

If I may ask what is your hobby? Looks like a striking question right? Even you that is reading this article now may be confused on which hobby you are having that may actually help to give or pay you money. Just as the way our faces our different so also our desires. 

Today I want you to know that it will be nice your chose that which will make you happy as a job, for it will not only bring Joy and happiness but it will bring this gladness of heart that comes in form of rest, that even money can't give. 

Some people have the following as their hobbies :

  • Great writers 
  • Great cooks
  • Great athletes 
  • Dancers
  • Singers 
  • Good researcher 
  • Fashion designers 
  • Graphic designers 
  • Great speakers 
  • Great readers 

These and many more that you can actually think off. 

I am going to throw more light on the above paragraphs by giving you 6 resons why you must find your hobbies in the work you do. I strongly believe these tips will catapult you to your dreams and you will find happiness doing that job. Can I see a smile on your face now? Lol well this is! 

1. Know your hobby: When you know your hobby or hobbies you will know how to do the work you want without someone [BOSS] forcing you to do it. 

2. Research: visit consultants and read up about different jobs. Identify your hobby and see if they align. 

3. Experience: Do a placement in your holidays and try take extra classes to retain. 

4. Certainty: All jobs have their ups and downs you must be convinced this is what you want. 

5. Realism: It is important you know that, out there is plenty of opportunities, but be realistic about that which is attainable. 

6. Planning: How do you intend going to fund a drop in salary or retaining? Well financial advisor, parents or partners can actually be of help.

Anyone knows other tips please do drop yours on the comment box. Thanks!

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