Monday, 28 November 2016

MY NAME IS MUSIC! By Dame Chinwe Kalu Ogba

Dear IYBlog Readers, my name is MUSIC. I was made in heaven by God and have been in heaven before any human being was created. At some point God decided to create man in His own image so I came down to earth. One of the best things God gave to human beings is a voice. He did this so that man can sing and talk thereby continue to worship and praise Him as it is done in heaven.

The best part is that man can carry this natural instrument called VOICE to anywhere he goes. Though, only human beings and birds can sing while some animals and fishes just make some awful noises.

However, one day, a girl named Chinwe began to sing. Chinwe had a lovely voice and used to sing all types of songs like praise songs, work songs, lullaby’s, folk songs, educative songs and classical songs. She used wise words and sentences that taught children and adults good behaviour, songs that gave them lot of information about the world. These songs entertained them so much and they wished she would never stop singing.

One day Chinwe became really bored and tired of singing alone so she invited her Daddy and Mummy, her elder brother and sister to join her to sing. At first they sang in UNISON that is in one part but soon they realized that they can sing in four different parts, each person singing his or her own part even as they sang together. They formed a CHOIR in which she and her sister sang TREBLE, her Mummy sang ALTO, her elder brother sang TENOR and her daddy with a deep voice sang BASS. Oh! It was a wonderful experience and the sounds they made were so harmonious, sweet and very pleasant to the ear. They tried not to shout as they talked and sang so that their voices would not crack and go bad. Chinwe and her family continued to sing, entertaining many people, expressing themselves as they went from town to town, making lot of money, enjoying themselves and making other people very happy too! It was a glorious time for them.

Another day, Chinwe and her family were watching television and to their pleasant shock they saw where up to a hundred people were singing and playing different musical instruments together and were producing the most heavenly sound they had ever heard. They could not believe their eyes nor the sounds they were hearing. All they could say was MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC you are so wonderful.

On asking, Chinwe and her family were told that what they saw and heard was called an ORCHESTRA and a CHOIR performing together. In the Orchestra they saw five different families or groups of instruments. These instruments were produced by human beings to make their singing sound better, more enjoyable and provide jobs for many people.

First the STRING family has instruments like Violins, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Double Bass, Une and more. These instruments are played with bow or with fingers. Another family is the WIND instruments like saxophones, clarinets, oboe, flutes and recorders of different sizes and sounds. The wind we blow into them help to produce their peculiar sounds. One other group of instruments they found was the PERCUSSION instruments. These include wooden drums, kettle drums, iron drums, ekwe, Ogele, udu, cymbals, Igba, maracas and many others. They are played with our hands or sticks. Then, Chinwe and her family saw these to be very attractive looking instruments, shinning like gold and producing very loud but lovely sounds. The name of this group is called BRASS and they include Trumpet, Tuba, Horns, Trombone, French horns and Opi.

In the KEYBOARD family they found the piano, harpsichord, organs and electronic ones too.

At this point, Chinwe and her family had seen enough but were so grateful for finding and meeting me because I gave them lot of joy. I made them very popular and were loved by many. I made it possible for them to learn many things in the world. I provided them with a lot of jobs. I made them to dance and exercise themselves. I developed their creative minds. I brought them a national anthem. Their radio and television cannot do without me. Their churches are filled with me. Their birth and death ceremonies cannot do without me, neither can their clubs and drinking places put me away. I make their jobs easier and make their troubled minds joyful while I send their crying babies to sleep. Even animals and mad men are quiet when I come around. Infact I am everywhere at everytime making friends with the young and old and even when all things in the world will die and perish, I will be the only one living because I came from heaven and I will go back to heaven to stay with God.

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