Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Our attention has been drawn to a malicious publication in some National dailies which were published on Tuesday, the 29th November 2016 which tends to smear and blackmail our indefatigable leader, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu.

In that devilish publication which smacks of a well orchestrated hatchet job, the writer tried unsuccessfully to draw the impeccable character of Dr. Kachikwu into the mud by claiming that his inactions and insincerity was the reasons for the renewed spate of oil pipeline bombings and vandalisms across the creeks of Niger Delta.

What a cheap blackmail? The writer even went ahead to give fictitious names of some militants as making the revelations but unfortunately, we had long before now known the reasons why the militants have continued to bomb and destroy our collective national assets.

As a matter of fact, they have over time listed their conditions for a ceasefire but never in any of them was the name or demand for the sack of Dr. Kachikwu listed being the clog in the wheel of their progress to achieving their demands.

However, after discreet investigation immediately after the publication went viral in the hands of some perceived enemies and cabals in Delta APC, it was not difficult to get the undertone to the said masterminded publication. " It is a plot to smear Dr. Kachikwu and blackmail him out of the Leadership position in Delta state APC by the cabals that had long held the party almost 6ft down below ground level.

It won't be difficult for those with long or short memory to recall how these same cabals initiated similar sinister moves against Prof. Pat Utomi when they feared he will make the ministerial list. Immediately after then, on noticing the preference for Dr. Kachikwu to take the Delta slot instead of Utomi, they switched to him and even backed it up with crowed paid protests in some parts of Delta state.

Similarly, when the SGF, Engr. Babachir Lawal waded into the Delta APC crisis, these same cabal who feels the party belongs to them waged a dangerous media/ blackmailing war against him. This has become their stock in trade to bamboozle any perceived opposition to their evil chess game out of the way. But this time, they have failed because it was not difficult to blow their cover.

Now, having X rayed the above, we state and demand that these cabal should forthwith retrace their steps and desist from further moves to smear the soaring reputation of one of the finest and most sincere politicians in the present Delta APC and Nigeria at large.

We want to also advise that as the peace moves in Delta APC gains positive grounds under the able leadership of Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, all members should purge themselves of all kinds of bad blood and support him so as to give the party a new life and reposition it for the battle ahead in 2019 as he had been given a matching order by the Presidency and the NWC of the party in that regard.

We will further warn that any perceived attempt from any quarter trying to be a clog in this wheel of progress for any selfish or personal aggrandizement will be vehemently resisted by members of this group and party across the state.

Let's give peace a chance and leadership to whom it befits.

Long live APC Grassroot Advocates
Long Live Hon. Minister, Dr. Kachikwu
Long Live Delta APC
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Nnamdi Okwufulueze Ofonye
Founder/ National coordinator
APC Grassroot Advocates

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