Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Time, the best currency in the world

Have you ever sat down and ask yourself these questions? Why is it that I can't manage my time very well? Why has time become the hardest currency that no one can't afford to lose but we always find it difficult to regain when losed? Well I will let you think over those question as you continue....

Everybody has twenty four (24) hours in a Day, The presidents of Nations and Beggars on the street alike; have equal privilege of time at even proportion.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, time is the hardest currency in the whole world.

It will be pertinent for you to know also, that the value of time in every human activity cannot be overemphasized. Time is money, time is life. A man’s life is made of several minutes, hours, and days. You need time to get THERE from HERE. The difference between HERE and THERE is T which stands for time.

Check it out! The average life span for a man is 70 years, psalm 90:10. We understand that Methuselah lived 969 years (Genesis 5:27) and king David’s son which Bathsheba had for him lived less than a year.

Taking seventy (70) years as the standard and average life span of every-man, we may conveniently spread this into weeks of years and symbolizes these 70 years to represent only one week. As I write this article, I was forced to ponder over these questions which include: what will you do when you realize you have only one week to live? How best will you be able to manage the time available? Well this spiritual and brain exercise indicates that the average human being has one week to live. This week as usual comprises of 7 days (Monday to Sunday) is as follow:

0 TO 10
11 TO 20
21 TO 30
31 TO 40
41 TO 50
51 TO 60
61 TO 70

Now we are going to be working with the above table as the number of days, days of the week, age, age range and years as stipulated on the box.

Monday is the beginning of the working week. It is also the preparatory time for a successful life. Primary Education ought to be concluded or close to completion at the age of 10. At this stage one can still afford to play a little. However, while you are playing people with vision are already doing what they are supposed to do. If you are not 10 years of age today, check where you are now.

By Tuesday, work carried forward from Monday must be sorted out. It’s a period of further learning and the starting period of labour. There are people who became surgeon before the age of 20. Check your vision; it’s for an appointed time. Check where you are now, as work carried over from one stage or day will cause delay, over work and stress on the next phase or day.

Between the ages of 20 to 30 a man is expected to be working and getting married. According to the words of my dad, Mr. Pius Ovwonuri, those of us who didn’t marry at this stage where late in life and perhaps on Thursday, we were still doing the work of Tuesday and Wednesday. “At 30 you are of middle age and should be very strong.” he opined.

Thursday work is getting thick. You can retire successfully on Friday and go for weekend. Some gifted and or privilege ones touched their Friday work on Thursday. These are prize winners. Check the gap between you and them. That moment when one student is trying to copy Note for Tuesday and Wednesday while another student is already on Friday’s syllabus, the result or reward or outcome cannot be the same. Check were you standing now! ‘There is no need for correction if there is no mistake and if there is mistake there must be a need for correction. Learn to take constructive correction so that you may grow in sand of time’. Dreams and visions are about tomorrow and not yesterday. For Jesus said, “I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day. The night cometh when no man can work” John 9:4.

Friday is the last working day of the week. Everyone is tired and expecting weekend. You will still work. Students will take home assignments. You can get surprising packages, but your work is expected to round up. You are getting old and will possibly retire. This is not the time to set goals but to find out how much of your dreams came through. But if you haven’t achieved anything yet, then you must work extra and come to work on Saturday. A reggae musician specifically Bob Marley said, he who fights and run away lives to fight another day.

Saturday was originally Gods day of rest. It should be a period of consolidation, a time to tidying up, clean up and prepare to meet and dine with the Lord. Some people work on Saturdays, some don’t. Some students goes to school on Saturdays, others don’t. Some people retire from work between the age of 51 and 60 some don’t. Those who fall between 51 and 60 years are spending their Saturday. It is important you digest this, that if you are not handsome at 20, strong at 30, wise at 40, rich at 50 forget it.

On Sunday a man is expected to rest from all his labours and go to church where he could worship his maker. It is pertinent for you to know that categories of people who get to work on such days include special duty person, hunger infected people, greedy and unsatisfied individuals or people who were cheated in life one way or the other and need time to make up. Although blame may not be on them, it is however your portion to rest on Sunday.

What you refuse to see, your mind cannot photograph!

“Discovery of purpose makes a man unstoppable in the journey of life. It enables one to see beyond the present”. I got this from the story of Joseph in the bible.

On this note, I deemed it necessary, that to achieve life goal, even though time being the hardest currency in the world, you must have a dream and work to ensure your dreams come through.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma