Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tips in maintaining a steady heart rate and maximum calorie burning

Have you ever cross check the way young people walk these days. I mean both girls and boys? I decided to put down this article when I remembered what my school mate always say to one of our colleague some years ago when we were in school. She is always complaining of the way the guy walks and Bends. The one that always cross my mind is the day she said "that's how my Dad is walking now, when he has yet to get old, only old people should be walking and same time bending because that shows an act of old age. I guess this was what he was doing" they think is a style that young people should be walking and same time bending I don't like it please stop it!. she opined.

Now have you also consider the movement of the ladies lately? Even those big ones, with lots of fat to be burn?lol. 

Now that wasn't a good habit or good posture anyway. But not too many people understand these things and the consequences it has on their lifestyle. But the question is, what is actually wrong with this people? Could it be they are having problem with the spinal cord?  I belt after reading this article you will know your posture when walking and the very best way to make adjustment if need be. 

Here am going to be talking about three perfect ways to power your walk. You must apply it before you will see results. Bear this in mind am not a doctor but this came from a survey I have done. So you can always contact a doctor if your case is different. 
  • Find your stride. 
Like breathing, walking is something we don't think about, and just get on with. How ever power walking does take some getting use to as it's a different movement. Walk faster by taking quicker, not bigger, steps unnaturally long strides will throw your posture out of alignment. Your stride length and flexibility of your hips and hamstrings. Your movement should be guided, so don't bounce. 
  • Perfect your posture. 
Learning to engage your core when walking is crucial, as these muscles provide you with solid base for movement,. Making your walk much more energy-efficient. Strong stomach muscles also make you appear taller, slimmer and help to keep your core muscles, try the following exercise: stand tall, with your feet hip-width apart and tummy relaxed. 
Focus on the muscles between the bottom of your rib-cage and your pelvis. Imagine they are corset which, when tightened, stops your pelvis from being able to move forward and back. 
To tighten the corset, think about pulling your navel in towards your spine and, at the same time, drawing up your pelvic-floor muscles. Try holding this position while walking. It may seems odd at first and take a bit of getting used to, but after a week or so, it will start to feel natural. 
  • Add some gradient. 
Adding even a slight gradient to your walking route will make a real difference to the intensity of your workout, so find a hill to walk up for your whole workout or for just parts of it. You can control how much you increase the challenge by the steepness of the hill, but even a gentle slop will really increase your heart rate so don't worry if there are no mountains on your route to as small hills will suffice. The trick is to keep your pace constant, whether you are walking uphill or down, as this will maintain a steady heart rate and maximum calorie burning.

Anyone has more to this? please use the comment box for others to learn!

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  1. Isaac Yoma just like you said you are not a doctor, am also not a doctor lol but I guess you made some good points you know, but there should be some kind of food that will actually help in a steady heart rate and maximum cholera burning, please anyone can share....


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