Sunday, 27 November 2016

What a pity! A shop owner loses 3.2 million naira cash in a fire outbrake

This story was sent in by Nwachukwu Chinenye from Imo State.

Immediately there was an electric power supply, there was a spark in this man' store, its a provision store and everything burned to ashes.

The man nearly jumped into the fire because he was unable to bear the loss. He screamed he left 3.2 million Naira cash inside this particular shop that burned down, the money was found but some of it was seen as ashes. 

When I saw the cash I couldn't believe this is money that has turn into ashes. 

it was a painful experience for him and people tried to help but the more they pour water, the more it increases the fire. 

This incident  happened at Nkwogwu city, Aboh Mbaise L. G. A,  Imo state, last night, 26th of November 2016.

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