Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Boxing day, is a day of creating an atmosphere of fun, friendship and love -Justice Eberechi Suzzette Nyesom-Wike

This wife of the incombent governor of River state, Nyesom Ezenwo Nyesom Wike CON, speaks about boxing day she say's is a day of of creating an atmosphere of fun, friendship and love.

Boxing Day is a public holiday globally observed a day after Christmas, on the 26th of December every year. Today's celebration is an agelong tradition observed over time, mostly in common wealth countries. Some people have the wrong impression that the sport of boxing had something to do with Boxing Day.

However, there are a number of stories attached to the origin of today's observance. Some believed that it is a day employers give their employees or servants gifts of money or food in a small box in return for their good and reliable service throughout the year. This tradition has evolved into the Christmas hampers or packs of food items, that most employers distribute to their employees and clients, although these are now often distributed in the week or days before Christmas.

Another group believed that Boxing Day, is associated with St. Stephen's Day. St. Stephen was a little known Saint who achieved eternal fame by being the first Christian to be martyred for his faith by being stoned to death shortly after Christ's crucifixion. The Saint's role in the Christian community then, was to ensure the fair distribution of goods to the needy and people in service jobs.

This prompted the parish priests of that era to customarily open up the Church's alms-box on December 26th in honour of St. Stephen. Thereafter, the priests distributed the coins it contained to the needy. This practice gave rise to the use of the term "box" to denote a small gift of money or a gratuity every December 26th.

Recently, Boxing Day is spent with family and friends at open gatherings or at parties with lots of food, gifts and dancing creating an atmosphere of fun, friendship and love. 
One thing we should all be sure of is that, there is nothing as fulfilling as spending quality time with loved ones and appreciating their presence in your life. Sending flowers or gifts to people around you, for no reason other than to say “Thank you for being part of my life throughout the year" and to reach out to the less priviledged in order to make them also share in the joy of the season is worthwhile. The feeling is indeed priceless.

As we merry in this yuletide, let our character and manners speak for us. Endeavor to engage in activities that will impact positively in the lives of people around you for a peaceful and a better Rivers State.

Remember, Christ is the reason for the season!
God bless and keep you and your families.

From Her Excellency,
Justice Eberechi Suzzette Nyesom-Wike,
The Wife of His Excellency,
Nyesom Ezenwo Nyesom Wike CON. 
The Governor of Rivers State.


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