Saturday, 3 December 2016

Infolinks alternative to adsense: Why infolinks ads are better than adsense

Everyone including me that is writing this article has continually dream about adsense being in their blog over and over again but it won’t work for us. And you that is reading this, have you ever consider an alternative to adsense which works flawlessly? Well if you have not, then you must pay attention to what am about introducing to your eyes.....seriously speaking this is for real and not everyone knows about it, it’s going to be a big surprise, because you going to be making dollars after now without even knowing.

When I started blogging for over Nine (9) months adsense refused to approve my account after several reviews on my website but that’s not the case that bothers me, the thing that made me to be angry it’s that I had to delete everything I have blog before now when they say my blog is for hobby purpose and not merely for commercial purpose that becomes a big surprise to me. You think it's funny? No! this is a serious matter because I never expected that as a beginner though, but as time goes on I realized I have made a lot of mistakes. If you are a beginner in blogging try not to delete your blog post but feel free to edit them that i think it's more better and preferable to keep your audience on foccusing on your contents and not having errro 404 lol. So on this note what could be the next thing to do? That's a big question right?☺☺☺☺☺☺.........

Now this might be your next question or you may have been pondering over it before now but don’t worry we going to have things fix right about now.

Do you really want to make money with your blog? Now it will be pertinent for you to know that not only do infolinks permit ads on blogs with blogspot domains but very easy than the processes of the adsense itself.

To me I think adsense is good but infolink is far better am going to let you know the advantages and the disadvantages then you will have to be the judge yourself.

You must consider the fact that you want to make money that’s why you needed ads to run on your blog right? Well infolinks does it better than adsense.

Steps to follow to get your infolinks code easily integrated into your blog and ads will run immediately

  • You must have an active email address or a facebook account
  •  An active phone number if need be they will send a code
  • You must not choose a very easy-to-know password; this is because it’s all about money and you wouldn’t want to lose your money to any hacker because ones your ads starts running hackers will always monitor you and find a way of taking your money away from you.
  •  When you have those stuffs ready just this last step then you are done

  •  The integral code must be added right after the </body> tag of your blog’s HTML. If you don't know what that is, then go to your blog HTML page hold CTR+F on your keyboard, copy and paste "</body>" then press the enter key it will bring itself out. If you have no idea on how to go to your HTML page, sign in to your blog, go to design, click on template, click on edit html. that's it then start editing by following the instructions above.

  • Click on the integrate menue to get the integral code.
  •  After that you are free to use the customize menue to set up the way your ads will appear in the manner that has been automatically arranged by infolinks.

Advantages of using infolinkds ads:

  1. Your blog visitor is subject to clicking on the infolinks ads because of the automatic arrangement.
  2. Your blog visitor may not merely want to click on the ads just like adsense but infolinks has a way of making sure the ads are clicked.
  3.  Infolinks ads can appear ones you have added the infolinks code without any further preview but adsense will not do that.
  4. What adsense sees as plagiarism may not merely be seen as plagiarism by infolinks for instance like this article you are reading is originally written by me without looking or copying from the internet, yet adsene will block or deactivate your account saying it’s plagiarism.
  5.  Inforlinks offer quick responds to their customers than that of adsense.

Disadvantages of using infolinks ads

  1. Adsense ads can be manually arranged but infolinks ads can’t be manually arranged.
  2. Adsense has this way of forgiving you if you do anything wrong by filling the appeal form but am yet to see such on infolink. Although am yet to have any problem with them but I think infolinks customer care can reply quickly to your email when the need arises.
  3. Adsense is seen as more professional than infolinks but both works well and you can make good money from both.
  4. The infolinks ads, there is a probability that one can appear twice in your blog/website so you watch out for that. And am of the opinion that infolinks should work on that and there should be different ads at a particular time for viewers to chose their choice to click. 

Note: Another way of making cool cash on infolinks is when you know how to market your referral links from infolinks.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma