Saturday, 24 December 2016


Finally, the BIG POLITICAL MASQUERADE, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, popularly referred to as the ODIDIGBORIGBO OF DELTA POLITICS is now a free man, currently warming up to head for Heathrow Airport on a Chartered Flight to Nigeria as soon as certain legal formalities are concluded in the Courts in United Kingdom.

A special delegation of law makers and heavyweight politicians from Delta State was led by Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaboshi and the Honourable Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Monday Ovbigho Igbuya.

Looking healthy, clean and extremely attractive, Ibori held hands and posed for strategic photographs with some of his key political loyalists, associates and friends who showed up at the prison gate to cheer him up. He drove in a special auto machine to Sister Christy's home in London where prayers were offered to God for sparing the life of Chief Ibori while his trials and ordeals lasted.

Ibori got to his palatial London home some hours later and the celebration doubled not because it mattered most to celebrate his ordeals but an expression of gratitude to God for giving him another CHANCE to bounce back into the political arena, make up for his shortcomings and to shine even better and brighter in his cherished and mesmerising political career.

In the celebration video released in London, Senator Nwaboshi described Chief James Ibori as an uncommon political leader who can never be relegated to the dustin of political history adding that Ibori is certainly behind the achievements and successes of some key political actors in Delta State. 

In his words "Ibori is one politician who made so many people especially politicians but no body made him. God made him our leader. Ibori is my friend, brother and political boss."

In Ethiope East LGA, former Majority Leader of Delta State House of Assembly and member of the 7th House of Representatives, Rt Hon Sunny Emeyese described Ibori as a political colosus whose political techniques and crafts can never be duplicated by any political actor in Delta State or elsewhere. 

A member of the Leaders Council of Delta APC and a loyal political student of Ibori, Chief Ayiri Emami popularly known as the Street Governor, rocked the streets of Warri with fireworks together with his core grassroot team of Ibori political dynasty.

Ayiri and his team had all night party at CLUB 911 in the heart of Big Warri to melt out surplus energies for the maximum relaxation of body and soul while working with other members of the Ibori political family to give him a red carpet reception within the first quarter of 2017. 

It will be recalled that upon Ibori's arraingment in a London Court, Ayiri sponsored series of protests in United Kingdom to drum support for the freedom of their political leader.

In a whattsapp message, one of Ibori's long standing political associates, Chief Ighoyota Amori describd Ibori's freedom as a super Xmas gift divinely masterminded to fire up the political atmosphere so as to send all political amateurs back to base. He wondered why an astute politician like Chief Ibori had to suffer over frivolous and cookd up issues systematically orchestrated by his core political detractors without due diligence in the conduct of his trials, conviction and imprisonment. 

Amori expressed unspeakable joy over the release of his brother and looking forward to receiving him back home in Oghara Kingdom early next year.

Of a truth, Ibori's release has been a subject of political discuss within and outside Delta State. Some called him fugitive, criminal and wicked looter while others say that the monumental corruption which crippled Nigeria's economy prompting acute recession was not the handiwork of Chief James Ibori. 

Viewed from political angle, Ibori's release will certainly put an automatic end to the ambitions of some political amateurs and mediocres who have been parading themselves as saviour of the people.

I have it on good account that Ibori will upon arrival make some landmark political statements and point the way forward for the NEW DAWN in Delta politics and in the same token reclaim his enviable prime position in national politics irrespective of the "ex-convict" tag which his haters are presenting and relying on as their only political weapon. 

Ibori remains an illustrious son of Urhobo Nation, still wielding uncommon political influence and stands out as the chief campaigner for adequate derivation funds for oil producing states and the development of the Niger Delta.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma