Sunday, 18 December 2016


Fred Latimore writes from Delta state... 

Dear IYBlog readers, 

Miracles and Miseries are closely related, just as blessings and burdens are intertwined. The degree of trials and temptations in one's life, is to a large extent, a reflection of things to come. Therefore hold on in prayers and supplication to God.

Consider the life of JOSEPH. He was destined to be the Prime Minister of Egypt but had to be sold into slavery, sent to prison for no offence before attaining his divine position of unspekable blessings. 

FATHER ABRAHAM: The enemies who made his wife, Sarah, barren already concluded that because she was still baren at old age (childless), his generation will be forgotten completely upon his death. Alas, God showed up and Abraham's story changed. Power changed hands.

Just as they were celebrating Abraham and Sarah's unfruitfulness, God visited them and declared ABRAHAM father of nations and established an everlasting covenant of blessing with him. After 9 months Sarah gave birth to Isaac and their enemies went into hiding. What an awesome God!

Therefore, those of us who are joint-heirs with Jesus are ABRAHAM's covenant children. His generation will remain on planet earth until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

LESSON: Depend solely on God for the fulfilment of your divine destiny, never depend on any man. God is faithful but man can be gullible as a result of circumstances beyond his control. Man is limited but God is awesome and can NEVER be limited.

PRAYER POINT : Oh God my father take away my destiny from the hands of men and take control of my divine destiny, in the Name of Jesus (repeat this prayer regularly until your core enemies or detractors start celebrating you).

It is not over yet. God is not done with me and not done with you. You are a miracle.

Happy Sunday. Pray your way into 2017.



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