Sunday, 18 December 2016

Passion: An open Letter to men who seems to be disgust with the body weight of their wife

Chinenye Ibekwe writes from Imo State... 

Dear IYBlog readers, 

So you met her on one of your evening hang outs with your friends,  She looked very decent and homely, you approached her and she blew your mind with her intelligence and smart words, She was perfect😊, with the perfect body that seems will never fade and a pretty face, you do everything to have her.

Two years later, you proposed marriage to her💜, she agreed with every form of excitement, you can't believe you are lucky😅. The wedding went very smoothly with friends from all over in attendance,  you make up your mind to make her happy🙏.

A year and half go by, you both have a daughter👧, she is so pretty, she looks like her mother but something doesn't seem to go the way you have always wanted, Her weight😔... She had started putting up weight since she had your daughter.

Two years have passed by again, and you have a son too👦, but your wife's weight is getting out of hand🙅, She isn't the pretty curvy woman you married. Childbearing has taken away her curves and you suddenly seem disgusted by her new body.😖. When she eats you feel annoyed. Infant suddenly,  her presence starts annoying you. 

She starts hating herself😣. You don't call her pretty anymore rather you changed it to 'pig', the weight doesn't seem to be going off either. She is so depressed but you don't care😑.

You go out and find yourself a fresh looking curvy girl. You start an affair, Lavish your girl friend with gifts and left your wife to wallow in her sorrows.

She gets so sad that she finds solace in her food, she now eats for joy. It seems to be her best companion, she doesn't care about the body anymore. And then she finds out you have a mistress, Her worst nightmare is revealed😭😭. She feels her heart Shattering into a million pieces, then she is fed up😒.

She leaves with the kids, she goes to her mothers place, but you don't care, you now have the whole house to yourself and your mistress. She cries herself to sleep every night😰, the only thing in her mind is revenge, She starts working out💪. Her mom encourages her, her friends give her hope, Food now seems like her enemy.👎

Three (3) months on, you come to get your kids for the weekend, you saw her and you said, your jaw drops😱, She looks gorgeous, you flatter her with words but she isn't moved. you want her back, you remember your vows, you remembered she is your wife, but now, She doesn't want you back, Its too late to make amends. She files to the Court to have full custody of her children👫. You fight for them but you lose; Even the kids want their mommy.

Now you feel empty🙀, you know you have lost it all, your stupidity comes into play, you start regretting your actions. If only you had encouraged her to fight the weight off, If only you told her she was beautiful even in the weight, you would have had her and more.🙇

Do not be this guy, Cherish your woman, sometimes your kind word is all she needs😅😅

Happy Sunday everyone!

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