Monday, 5 December 2016


Rev. Chinemerem Uche writes..........

Recall that Joseph came into limelight in Egypt because he interpreted dreams. Recall also that Daniel became an influential person in Babylon and even after the fall of King Nebuchadnezzar because he was able to interpret dreams and solve puzzles. The question that I am pondering over in this discuss, is how can we also like Daniel and Joseph interpret dreams and puzzles?

Unfortunately kings and leaders of our era are no longer dreaming like Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar. In as much as they are not dreaming like these ancient kings, they still dream. Kings and leaders of our age are full of dreams. They are dreaming of how to solve outbreak of diseases like ebola, cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. They are dreaming of how to reduce the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere. They are dreaming of how to ensure food security and reduce poverty and homelessness. They are dreaming of how to revamp their economies and create more jobs. They are dreaming of how to strategize and remain in power while serving the people honorably. They are dreaming of how to train their work force to become more effective and productive as well as happier. They are dreaming of how to reduce the cost of imputes and increase output. They are dreaming of having managers who can manage their businesses innovatively thereby reducing their daily stress and strain at manning all sectors. Kings are still dreaming and there is a great vacancy for interpreters of dreams in our time. The question here again is how can I be an interpreter of dreams?

You may not interpret dreams the way Joseph and Daniel did because Kings and leaders are no longer having those kinds of dreams of fat and thin cattle and images of gold and clay. Unfortunately there are a lot of us still hopping around so called prophets who only but interpret who is killing us and who is behind our lack of progress or bareness. To be a dream interpreter, envisage a problem. Make yourself available not as an entrant into society with the passion of what you will collect from society but with a passion of what you will offer the society for the good of all. Do not seek to interpret dreams so that the Kings and leaders will set you on their high mansions with pomp and pageantry coupled with the spoils of office. Interpret dreams for the sake of generations unborn and with the resolute hope and yearning to meet the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. 


I remember the fable of a king who was about going to war and consulted the “oracles” to know if he would return from the war. The priest of the oracle gave him a roasted yam and told him to plant it in his garden. According to the priest, if the yam sprouted after two weeks it meant that the king would definitely die in the battle but is it did not sprout it meant that the king would go to war and return victoriously. Two weeks passed and the yam never sprouted. The king adorned himself for battle, went to war and was beheaded! Kings of our age have become wiser. They are tired of magicians and voodoo economists and so called solution ministers. In the days of Joseph, the Lord shut the receptors of the magicians for the man he had prepared to take up the post of the coordinating minister for the economy. Pharaoh himself testified to the failure of magic in solving the problem of the nation:

22 "In my dreams I also saw seven heads of grain, full and good, growing on a single stalk. 23 After them, seven other heads sprouted — withered and thin and scorched by the east wind. 24 The thin heads of grain swallowed up the seven good heads. I told this to the magicians, but none could explain it to me." -Gen 41.

It is sad to see chief executives and captains of industries whose decisions are based on “My pastor told me” “The prophet said he saw the answer in a vision.” I am not against vision but it sounds preposterous for a leader to base his every decision on a supposedly vision from a so called man of God. Yes, Joseph interpreted the dream of Pharaoh because he was connected to God but he did not make himself the official god of the Egyptians. He allowed simple economic principles to prevail while allowing the Holy Spirit to use him discreetly -to administer the prosperity to Egypt. Joseph did not like the voodoo priest ask Pharaoh to do weird and queer things like planting a dead yam to see if it would germinate, he offered a reasonable and God ordained solution to an impending doom: 

In those days student's ideologies were shaped by patriotic lecturers whose intent was to produce the next generation of selfless leaders through the maxim, "To serve Nigeria with all my strength" but today our young men who pass through our present crop of teachers -some as course representatives or students union leaders, end up becoming revenue collectors on behalf of their lecturers, pimps and subsequent political touts, corrupt civil servants and con men. We have lost a sense of "dream" and our anthem has become "hit the cash!" "Share the money"

“Many people believe that touching the lives of others can be done only by some elite group of specially gifted people. But that’s not the case. Any ordinary person can make a positive impact on the lives of others” says John Maxwell in his book "FAILING FORWARD." (page 101). If you want to fail, see life as a competition with your rival.
If you want to be a success, see life as a challenge not to become better than others but to help others become better than they are. That was what Joseph and Daniel did. They “lost their lives” to make the kingdom better. Read carefully Daniels reaction to offer of material things as a means to spur him to solve a puzzle: “Now I have heard that you are able to give interpretations and to solve difficult problems. If you can read this writing and tell me what it means, you will be clothed in purple and have a gold chain placed around your neck, and you will be made the third highest ruler in the kingdom." Then Daniel answered the king, "You may keep your gifts for yourself and give your rewards to someone else. Nevertheless, I will read the writing for the king and tell him what it means. (Dan 5:16-17 NIV).

Remember also Philip, the apostle of Jesus Christ who met the treasurer and high official of Ethiopia. (Acts 8:26-40). The government official was puzzled by the scripture he read. Philip ran up to him and made it plain to the Government official. There was a great change afterward in the life of the politician that he repented and demanded an immediate baptism. Philip did this duty without hoping to be paid or rewarded. Just imagine yourself meeting the minister of finance of a country like Nigeria puzzled and anxious to solve a problem, you suddenly appear and with a stroke of the hand you solved her problem, will you not be prying into her pockets or demanding she sows a seed to help you in your ministry? Philip did his duty and God took care of his transportation. Interpreters of dreams are duty bound and not money bound!

Somebody’s life may be saved today because you have decided to interpret dreams. You may be the one to interpret the dream of our sports administrators to bring the World cup to Africa courtesy of Nigeria. You may be that Senior Assistant to the Governor, Senator of Local Government Chairman that will cause them dreaming of providing REAL AND TANGIBLE service to the people they lead. You are the one the world is looking for. I strongly believe I am one and that is why I am writing this so that you all can join me to translate the yearning of our leaders into reality. Like Joseph, let us team up to solve hunger and unemployment. The President, Governors, Legislators are looking up to us. Let us do our part by being the solution they are looking for. Do not say it is not possible to work and achieve success while these ungodly rogues and politicians steal our money. Remember that Joseph and Daniel were able to achieve tremendous success in heathen nations ruled by those who knew not the Savior. I WANT TO BE! DO YOU WANT TOBE?


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma