Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Photos: Amazing! This man is so brave to share huge body weight lost

Man shares this trending Amazing body weight lost photo on the internet, read his story........

Having lost so much body weight, Burton has been left with a series of skin flaps around his abdominal area. And while plastic surgery known as 'abdominoplasty' (or the 'tummy tuck') could help to smooth out his stomach, Burton says he has neither the money nor the inclination.

"I'm not really able to afford it right now, both in terms of money and recovery time," he explains. "I have tried claiming it on the NHS a number of times to no avail. At this point though, I don't mind, I just want to accept myself, flaws and all. It'll be a long road but I'll get there :)"

Burton's positive attitude to his body image has resulted in an avalanche of responses on Reddit, with other members of the online community commenting that his positive stance gives them hope in their own battles against the bulge.


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