Friday, 30 December 2016

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: Before Year 2017 Comes

Dear IYB readers, Happy New Year in advance! The yuletide is gradually winding up, I hope you have not forgotten all the business ideas we shared since the Business in You Daily was launched in February, 2016.

So, in the next few days, we shall be discussing a number of topics I have entitled… “What You Should Know As We Enter Year 2017”. These are for the benefits of those who were unable to launch out this year, due to circumstances beyond their control. In this series, I will be doing a recap of all the basics we touched on this year, to enable you prepare very well for your startup next year.

As a youth, whether you are an entrepreneur, gainfully employed or unemployed, these basic facts of life will also benefit you. The very first thing you must know as we enter year 2017 is that:

• Your Qualification Does not Matter

I want to inform you once again, that in the world of business, your certificates do not matter. The school system is not structured to teach us how to make money or how money will work for us. That’s why we still have so many unemployed graduates roaming our streets today. They only prepare us to work for money. Your audacity and guts determine your survival after school, not your certificate.

There are several instances of people who built business empires without a single certificate or degree. This is because, as an entrepreneur, what you need is the basic knowledge on how to run your business successfully.

Our schools may be important for those who are pursuing traditional professions like Medicine, Law, etc, but for those who want to build business empires and attain financial freedom; their qualifications do not matter.

Meanwhile, I am not discouraging schooling for degrees but I am more interested in raising entrepreneurs and business owners, who will help us solve the problems of the society and improve the economy of our dear country.

My dear, the above truth is one of the things I want you to know before you enter year 2017! By tomorrow, I will tell you about one more thing you must know as you prepare to launch your idea next year. Remember, we’re reaching you from the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy. Sign up now at to enjoy our business development services.

Many thanks for keeping a date with me and good night!

I am youthscarely yours,
Remy Chukwunyere


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma