Saturday, 17 December 2016

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: Investors wanted at Hauz Of Cyndee Imo State

Remy Chukwunyere writes.... 

Dear #IYBlog readers, good morning and happy weekend! I hope you had a great week. I am pleased once more to welcome you to the Business in You Daily for today.

As I earlier informed you, I will continue to showcase some of the startups that participated at the recently held Imo Startups Weekend. So, this time, it is my pleasure to feature, Ms. Cynthia Ekwueme, another graduate from the Federal University of Technology, who hails from Ideato North LGA of Imo State.

Cynthia is a graduate of Microbiology but has a great passion for beautifying things, loves creativity and colours. So, while in school she started making herself up with the skills she learnt from videos. For the fact that it’s her passion, she was able to learn the art fast and because, she needed to advance her career in makeup art, she later enrolled in a professional makeup school.

According to her, “I started marketing my work by first making myself up and showcasing the pictures on social media. From then, customers started coming as well as those who were interested in learning from me. It was fun doing that and as soon as I graduated, I enrolled again to learn professional hairdressing and cosmetology. As I speak with you now, I make wigs and organic creams with no side effects.

Since then, I have been following after my passion, but have not forgotten my Microbiology. I believe that from the resources I make from my passion, I will take my Microbiology profession to another level. By his grace I'm proudly a make-up artist, hairstylist, cosmetologist, and a microbiologist. Little by little I will get there.” 

At Hauz of Cyndee, the following professional services are provided: Bridal makeover, Photo shoot makeover, Birthday and all kinds, Wig making and Organic creams making. 

To view their works, please,visit HAUZE OF CYNDEE FACEBOOK PAGE To contact them for any of the above services, call 0817 194 0067 or 0806 889 2384

Woow… this is a great opportunity for investors to put their money in, what do you think? If you’re interested, hurry now, call me on 0803 870 2075 or email:!

Meanwhile, we are reaching you from Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy.

Many thanks for your time, you should have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!

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