Sunday, 25 December 2016

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Remy Chukwunyere writes from Owerri Imo state.......

Dear IYB readers, Good morning and Merry Christmas to all lovers of the Business in You Daily! I am sure, you are all ready for the today?… in case, you’re not yet ready, please, call me for a rescue mission ooo!

Today, on your daily tonic, I am glad to showcase to the world, another startup coming from a student of my beloved Alma Matter, Federal University of Technology, Owerri.

I am particularly delighted about these startups because they were founded when their CEOs were still in school. My excitement is not far from the fact that most successful businesses started while their founders were still students before they graduated or dropped out. So, you see, the success of a business has a lot to do with when it was founded. Hahahaha… I stand to be corrected, here ooo!

Hi Soccers was founded by Arinze Perez Ike, an indigene of Agwu, Enugu State while he was still an undergraduate student of Industrial Physics in FUTO. The startup is focused on football news, commentaries and promotion of grassroots football.

According to the CEO, Arinze, “Hisoccers was born to feed young people with the latest news about their favorite football stars, transfers market, current local and international sports news. Now, we are partnering with Crystal Naija TV to set up a “FUTO Campus Soccer League” as a way of giving back to the FUTO community, which we were part of. The league, whose aims are to celebrate campus stars and promote grassroots football in FUTO will commence as soon as the new academic session resumes by January, 2017.”

For now, the scope of the programs is within the South East and South-south Universities but they hope to expand to other regions of the country in future. More information about this startup is available on their website at, on their fan page at and on twitter @hisoccersinfo.

So, where are those soccer enthusiasts and fanatics? The time to develop grassroots football in your communities and State is now. Invest or partner with Hisoccers and get the ball rolling. If you’re interested, please, call me on 0803 870 2075.

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Many thanks for your time and merry Christmas, once more!


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