Thursday, 22 December 2016

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: More Investors Wanted...

Dear IYBlog readers, Good evening and merry Christmas in advance! I hope the wind of the yuletide is reaching you... 

I am glad to inform you that immediately after the first Imo Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, which I followed up with showcasing some of our amazing young CEOs, many investors have shown interest in a number of startups. 

For example, I have been able to connect the Crystal Naija TV, which was founded by Chukwuma Anurukem to two high profile investors. In the next few days, the startup is being expected to seal the deal if their business plan is convincing enough to the investors. 

As discussed in my publication of yesterday, most startups and businesses fail to attract investors as well as win grants and loans because of their inability to keep records, especially financial records.

These are some of the gaps we identified among startups and SMEs that led to the establishment of the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, early this year. 

Apart from the Academy that equips our participants with the managerial and entrepreneurship skills needed by an entrepreneur, the platform also helps them in raising initial capital needed to launch their startups, just by referring others to join the Academy. 

Anyway, that's by the way but an important recap on the workings of Youthscare. 

Most businesses we see today were not founded by their owners. In several cases, their founders opened up opportunities for investors to participate in the business and this strategy has led to the successful launch of many startups around the world. This is because, two or more individuals accepted to leverage on one another's strengths and resources.

My dear, if you have the financial resources, investing in an interesting startup is the best place to put your money. 

Enough is enough for the wise! 

Many thanks for your time. 

I remain, youthscarely yours, Remy Chukwunyere


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