Saturday, 3 December 2016



Barr. Fred Latimore writes... 

At last, Engr Joe Orode Omene has unveiled himself as a desperate job man and a typical rascal who was carried shoulder high by some confused and compromised shameless delegates in an election conducted at his gheto residence in Mosogar, Ethiope West, South-South Nigeria.

Reliable source close to the Mosogar area-father disclosed that he prefers to die than let go the office of UPU PG. The source added: "Dont blame Daddy because without UPU business he may become bankrupt this recession period.

"He complained bitterly about his other businesses which for now cannot fetch him N50,000 monthly and as an extravant socialite he requires not less than 350,000 monthly to service his freaky life style. UPU is the cow that supplies his daily milk and to let go will mean serious malnutrition.

"Furthermore, Chief Omene is a big time womanizer and it's not going to be easy for him to service his large appetite for young ladies without UPU treasury. Nobody question the way he operates UPU accounts which is why he must do anything and everything humanly possible to retain his position as UPU PG. 

"Daddy Omene is not after Urhobo interest in any way. He enjoys the title of UPU PG and the mega money the office conjured for him in the past. His major clients as UPU PG are politicians especially aspirants who usually visit him at home to pay homage with millions of Naira stuffed in king size Ghana Must Go Bags. This is it and Daddy will prefer to die than let go the office of UPU PG. "

My telephone conversation with this youngman who is directly related to Joe Omene (name withheld for security reason) from the paternal side lasted for forty five minutes and he maintained that it is the mega money in UPU that has blindfolded the old man hence he is now behaving like a school boy, carried shoulder high by some paid thugs.

Chief Joe Omene is a complete fool who till date conducted himself as a disgruntled element without an atom of shame. He insulted and rubbished Urhobo Kings and called them his subjects, dragged them to court in a bid to retain his position as UPU PG. 

He went further to disobey court orders served on him and pasted strategically at UPU Uvwiamuge house. Omene defiled court orders, berated our royal fathers and imposed himself on the entire Urhobo Nation. This is abomination. Omene won't survive this sacrilege. 

Chief Omene's witchcraft has risen to unacceptable proportion and we must unite to chase him out of Urhobo Nation. Our youths must display uncommon strength in this struggle to save Urhobo Nation form global shame and disgrace. The corrupt nature of one individual and his gang of irresponsible rogues cannot consistently drag our collective image to the smelling gutters. 

Omene is a type of Judas and he must be tammed, stripped naked and flogged in the open market square. Yes, it is possible with our collective will power.

Joe omene does not deserve a chieftancy title. He should be stripped of his title to serve as deterrent to others who may want to emulate his irresponsible leadership style while at the same time parading himself as a title holder in Urhobo Nation. 

Woe to that man or woman in Urhobo Nation who associates with this maggot called CHIEF JOE OMENE.


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