Wednesday, 4 January 2017


The passing of Senator Francis Spanner Okpozo on Boxing day dealt a great blow to the Progressives movement in Nigeria, the APC in Delta State, as well as the entire people of Delta State and the Isoko nation.

He lived a full life of the strong, literally and figuratively. He lived beyond God's promise of span, 70, into the 80s, so we know he was counted among the strong. He was also a man of character and principles who carried aloft the banner of Progressives before, during and after his tenure as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and brought that sagacity as a veteran progressive champion to his leadership of APC in Delta State.

Regrettably, Delta APC has not had an honorific excursion. But a season of healing was at hand, and that is why it is even more sad that he is no longer with us at New Year's eve when the promise of cross-over urges that we leave behind disagreements and begin a new on the collective will for progress.

We pray that we honour his loss with a spirit of reconciliation within our parity, and a commitment to serving the weak, the masses and all other stakeholders in Delta State in the true spirit of progressives and the common good of all.

I remember Senator Okpozo with spectres of good fortune and positive memories of our meetings as firm tribute to his noble contributions, and a call on his spirit to inspire us all afresh.
My memories include his hosting me and my campaign team at his Ozoro abode in 2007, hosting APC leaders at this home in 2010 as well as matters associated with Party Congress. Our last meeting was at his home in Benin a few weeks before his passing.

I wholeheartedly pray for strength for his family and repose of his soul, as we hope his inspiring spirit will bring progress to our common cause in Delta State.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma