Sunday, 15 January 2017

Defense Head Quarters gives #bringbackourgirls group free plight to Sambisa Forest

Defense headquarters have given #bringbackourgirls group free plight to Sambisa Forest to see things for them selves.

A report coming to us from Sambisa forest is that, due to the unremitting of the bringbackourgirls group in Nigeria with their continues peaceful protest, The  Nigerian Defense Head Quarters has in no restriction of any kind given the permission for the bringbackourgirls group to visit the forest and see things for themselves.

This was announced yesterday evening by The Nigerian Defense Head Quarters. 

When our reporter asked when will this visit to the Sambisa forest be? our source said, it's up to the group and if they are willing they should come to Sambisa and see things for themselves.

Sambisa forest is in the North Eastern Part of Nigerian, Borno State and also the boundary between Nigeria and Lake chad.

I'ts also important you know that this forest is the base of the Bokoharam Terrorist group, where the Nigerian government has been at war with them more than a year now.

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