Friday, 6 January 2017


This story was sent in by Nnamdi O. Ofonye from Delta State. 

If you watch recently especially today after we woke up to some ear itching news of Prophet Jones and Chidi Okonji's saga, I refused to get deeply involved in the arguments both for or against.

Instead, I took the time to ponder and eventually I realised something funny but abnormal....

I realised that with what has been happening in our state chapter of APC, I foresee a very tight and tough state congress whenever it comes or takes place. YOU know WHY?, BECAUSE everybody has seen that the office is very Juicy and as such there is no need to go spend heavily seeking for Governorship or Senate seat or others when you can be a small Governor doing ur legal and illegal deals without disturbances from anybody or agencies.

State Chairman's seat of Delta APC is now like a Governor's seat. It has become so powerful that it can place, displace, replace and unplace too.

It has also shown that even if you are a pauper, just use whatever trick or any means to get in there and over night, you are sure to become a millionaire because you will receive both from Government (whether enemy or friendly govt) and also dupe and deceive gullible party members.

However, the most interesting part of it is that the Office of the state chairman now has immunity against any charge of wrong doings...... What an office! 


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma