Sunday, 15 January 2017


A vibrant opposition youth group in Delta State, APC Youth League, Delta Coordinate has challenged the Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa to explain to Deltans how his PDP-led government spent the N14.5 billion that the state received from the Federal Government on account of reimbursement for over-deductions on external debt service.

In a press statement signed by Comrades Aghogho Abraham Orotomah and Oweazim Chi Emmanuel Jnr., State Coordinator and Secretary respectively of the Youth League and released by Comrade Ughere Daniel, the Media and Publicity Director, the group criticized Governor Okowa in what it termed as a secret government being run by the PDP in the state. The group pointed out that against the directive of the Federal Government for every state to be transparent, accountable and responsive in terms of these funds, the Okowa administration has displayed scant regard for any financial prudence and accountability. 

According to the group, when President Buhari agreed to release the total sum of N522.74 bn to the states, his overriding concern was for the welfare of the Nigerian people. He understood the hardships associated with unpaid salaries and pensions together with unpaid contractors. The President in his magnanimity and characteristic nature, would expect all states that benefit from the Paris Club, London Club and multilateral debts refunds to exhibit transparency and statesmanship in their disbursements within their various states. 

The group wonders why after collecting its first tranche of N14,500,000,000.00, the Delta State governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, still finds it difficult to pay workers salaries to the extent that workers had to protest nude just to get their salaries. The League asserted that Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has deliberately and continuously kept the good people of Delta state in abject poverty, pain and agony.

The APC youth group is calling on the state Governor to come out clean to give account of how the State has utilized this crucial reimbursement; and asserts that Dr. Okowa has grossly failed to manage the resources of the state efficiently with transparency.

As a result, there is promotion of abject poverty and want in the state under his visionless, feckless and rudderless leadership. 

The group has threatened to petition the Federal Government against making further releases of such funds in the future until these funds are properly accounted for by the PDP led State Government.

A government that goes about hyping "prosperity for all" is actually enthroning a government of scarcity, emptiness and hopelessness. It certainly has no creative capacity to transform the state nor provide any form of relief to Deltans that are now far more impoverished than when it came to power.

The group asks all Deltans to be patient and look forward to an opportunity to vote out this PDP-led government, which party for over 17 years has left Delta State in darkness and penury. 

The alternative to PDP today is the APC which is a party of the people, especially noting the recent engagement of thousands of Deltans in it's N-Power programme, with many goodies in stock to relieve our small-scale traders, farmers and other artisans, as well as the planned monthly transfer of N5,000 to poor families which shall commence as soon as plans are finalized. APC is the change Delta needs, and not some fake promises that the Okowa government continues to spread with nothing to show for it. 

Deltans must begin to hold the Okowa government accountable for the shameful wastage of the huge funds that belong to the people, and for mortgaging the the future of the youths of Delta State who weep daily for jobs that Okowa has no plans to provide. Our only confidence is in APC which is a party that offers us hope for the future.

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