Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New year to you from all of us at Isaac Yoma's Blog

Today is a remarkable day of the year where everyone sends messages, make calls to their love ones, which them the best in the new year but here is what we have for you. 

It will be pertinent for you to know that since the birth of my blog on January 6, 2016, you guys have been so amazing, I want to say thank you for all of your contributions, to our reporters, sponsors and followers. 

Happy New year from us at Isaac Yoma's blog #IYBlog. May this year be fruitful to you and your family. 2017 I pray it will not see your end even as you have started it on this day January 1, 2017. Just as 2016 has gone, You will also see the end of 2017. God bless you all! 

But before you drop your phone, or close your browsing tab or browser, I have this question for you. It's very tricky but I hope you get the answer, there is a price attached to it. Here it goes.... 

If a pregnant woman gives birth to twins, the first one comes out by 11:54 PM of December 31st 2016, the second @ 12:03 AM of January 1st 2017. 


1. Are they age mates? 

2. Which year will they claim?

Answer please.

#Happy_birthday_to_2017 #HappyNewYear


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