Thursday, 12 January 2017


Our attention has been drawn to a rumoured move by members of the APC caucus in the senate to allow Deputy Senate President Ekweremadu to retain his seat as Deputy Senate President by jumping ship into the APC.

This move was revealed immediately after the senate relieved the Senate leader, Senator Ali Ndume of his position as the senate leader on their first seating after the christmas recess when Senator Kabir Marafa was quoted to have said that unless " Ekweremadu joins APC, he will be next", referring to the removal of Senator Ali Ndume.

To us at the grassroot, we are worried that our polity is gradually tilting to a one party state due to the massive decamping into APC of PDP members. This syndrome is worrisome as it will encourage abitarary misuse of power due to lack of stong opposition.

As a matter fact, APC Grassroot Advocates, a grassroot group within the ruling party wants to use this medium to call on the APC senators to do the needful by removing Senator Ekweremadu as Deputy Senate President and replacing him with an APC Senator from the South East but at the same time the issue of lobbying him must stop forthwith.

Senator Ekweremadu as we know is a leader of the opposition PDP and should be encouraged to sit back in his party and help in giving it direction on its crucial role of playing opposition politics just as APC did in the previous administrations before capturing power in 2015. 

Partisan politics must not be seen as just a move to grab power but basically to play a role of stabilising and sustaining democracy through effective sensitisation of the people and holding Government accountable through opposition.

This call is predicated on the earlier insistence of the APC to reject the movement of PDP members into the APC for the sake of sustaining the principle of multi party system which the country adopted and enshrined in our constitution and electoral act.

We believe that if this trend is allowed to take place ( Ekweremadu retaining the seat by just joining APC) it will cast negative aspersion on the party and the recent growing insinuations among Nigerians that APC and PDP are same would have been given confirmation.

In light of the above, we wish to remind our APC senators that the party did not win the 2015 elections on the back of position holding politicians but by the will power of the masses who were determined to make a change despite the large number of power holding and powerful politicians in the camp of the PDP.

Conclusively, we want to appeal once more to the Party leadership and all stakeholders to immediately move to address all lingering crisis within various state chapters of the party instead of just opening its hands, waiting and lobbying opposition members to join the party.


Nnamdi Okwufulueze Ofonye
National coordinator


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma