Sunday, 29 January 2017

Pupils should be investigated for sexting a London school headmaster speaks up

A London school headmaster, Andrew Hall, says pupils should be investigated for sexting. According to him, children has in recent times been in the grip of sexting 'epidemic'.

He warned that even primary school pupils are engaged in the practice of exchanging explicit images of themselves online, the Sunday Times reported.

He has cried out for teenagers to face investigation for sexting, calling on the home secretary to urgently review police guidance not to investigate the crime if committed by 'consenting' youngsters.

It was a guidance issued last year in an effort to avoid criminalizing thousands of teenagers, despite the fact that possessing or sending indecent images electronically is illegal.

He emphasize that failing to investigate children for any kind of sexting 'blurred boundaries' and risked leaving some children, especially girls, at risk of humiliation and intimidation.

This is what Sunday Times report says:

'I am deeply concerned by the idea that adults appear to be saying, 'It's OK to send a picture of your genitals to that girl you like in the other class',' he opined 
'The idea that the state is legitimizing the sending of naked images of children is unsettling partly because it makes it very hard for parents to say, 'For God's sake, do not do that, it will get you a criminal record'.'


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