Wednesday, 25 January 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: The Diary of a Job Creator… Part 2

Remy Chukwunyere writes from Imo State....

Dear IYB readers, good evening and how are you all doing today? Yesterday, I started a new series entitled; the Diary of a Job Creator with the story of the meeting I had with the group called, Campus Movement, whose project, “The African Way” is coming up on February 24, 2017.

The same day, I met with the leaders of the National Congress of Ohaji Youths and those of Egbema Youth Movement. As I write this now, I am tempted to jump into the wonderful session I had with the CEO of DOJ Concept Promotions and his team this afternoon. It was planned to be just a partnership meeting but it turned into an interactive session, where we traversed through the length and breadth of business startups ecosystem in Imo State and shared experiences from our early startup days. Anyway, I will reserve the details until the next edition. 

It’s really interesting to know that both youth groups from Ohaji/Egbema LGA of Imo State came to solicit a far reaching partnership with my office. I was not surprised because, last year, I took time to expose them to current trends in youth development around the world, when I featured them as participants in a number of training programs implemented and/or facilitated by my office.

Having succeeded in building their various capacities, they are now ready to move to the next level by charting a new course for themselves and their members. To that effect, we set out a number of tall objectives that we must achieve in the development of the youths of these oil producing communities in Imo State.

In the coming weeks, we shall be setting in motion a plan for the Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta Startups Conference, where those with business ideas in technology, IT, agriculture, health, education, entertainment, etc will be pitching them before the Governor of Imo State and other critical development partners in the Niger Delta region.

Wooww… it’s true that ideas rule the world and information has always remained the source of power for successful people! What is it that you want to achieve this year? Is there any way we can be of help? Distance is not a barrier, just give me a call or whatsapp me via 08038702075 and the rest shall become history!

Don’t forget that we’re still reaching you from the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, sign up now at

Many thanks for your time, enjoy the rest of the evening. 


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