Thursday, 26 January 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: The Diary of a Job Creator… Part 3

Remy Chukwunyere writes from Imo State... 

Good morning dear IYB readers and welcome to the Business in You Daily! I am sure someone is getting ready to join us at the top soon…

Interestingly, groups soliciting our partnerships have continued to come since the beginning of the New Year. It’s a sign that we are making impacts in the lives of young people through the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy and its subsidiaries, the Business in You Daily and Business in You Talk Shows.

In the last edition, I gave you a sneak preview of what I am going to discuss today when I mentioned the CEO of DOJ Concept Promotions. Oh yeah, my meeting with them yesterday turned into a “Special Meet up Session”, where I shared my startup experiences with them in such a manner that Kachi Ogbonna would have added it to his famous book, “How They Started”.

I was amazed when they shared their ideas with me and the success stories recorded so far. One remarkable thing about their training strategies is the inclusion of Mindset Change. When I heard that, I quickly remembered the importance of Nero-Associative Conditioning in transforming lives of people suffering addictions of sorts as taught by Anthony Robbins in his book, “Awaken the Giant Within”. 

The book “Awaken the Giant Within” taught me a lot that changed my life. I can still remember the exercise on “Anger Control”. In that one week long exercise, you are not supposed to get angry, shout at anybody on the traffic or even your kids or relations. Anytime within that week of the exercise that you get angry, you have failed it and should start all over again. The many practical exercises that have to do with conditioning your mind in order to get rid of any particular negative lifestyle work like magic.

So, I was really excited when they requested for our partnership in the forthcoming Back to School Entrepreneurship Boot Camps in all the high schools in Imo State and beyond. Through the project, we shall be visiting young people in their campuses with our messages of self employment. The students are the best targets for these messages because, most of them do not realize that there’s another life after school.

My dear, we all can make it happen for our brothers and sisters, wherever they may be. For us at Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, that’s our mission and we’re very much at your service. Sign up at or call me now on 08038702075

Many thanks for your time!


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