Sunday, 15 January 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: Feedback from “You Need a Mentor”

Remy Chukwunyere writes from Imo State...

Dear IYB readers, a beautiful morning to you all and happy weekend! I am glad to welcome you to today’s edition of the Business in You Daily. This evening, I had the opportunity to facilitate an online business startups discussion with some young people selected across the world via an online whatsapp group, called Business Growth Initiative.

When the invitation came, I quickly remembered my first experience, which was on the whatsapp platform of the Amazing Amazons Initiative led by Mercy Makinde, the CEO of iASPIRE Radio. I am happy to declare that both sessions were highly rewarding and the participants are grateful for my time. Many thanks to God for making me always available to do this service…

On the Business in You Daily today, we shall be taking one of the major responses from yesterday’s discussion on the need for mentors. As usual, the first to respond is Carol Kezziah Wambui from Kenya.

See what she said… “I know that there are trail blazers who start alone with limited resources. They are brilliant in their own way but weak when it comes to networks and finances. These ones are not afraid to go it alone, they are pathfinders, pacesetters, and therefore, no mentor can handle them because they are set in what they are doing. They have nothing to lose, they are alone but never lonely. A mentor would be highly appreciated but what is there to mentor?

These ones start projects from scratch and are as bold as lions. Their looks do not matter to them; their inner strengths move mountains. They grow up to become mentors in future, even though, they were never mentored.

In their families they are usually the first to breakthrough. Among their peers, they are a phenomenon. They can knock at any door and will be favored. After a while they start soaring on wings. Since they are not wasteful, their little resources are turned into much. Along the way they find other small doors that open for them, and since they are multi-taskers, they see other opportunities and jump to them.

The ones who will be mentored by these persons may not know it, but they are being mentored by lions, a hunter of opportunities! Their mentees will inturn mentor others.”

Wooowww… whenever it is Carol, I don’t expect anything less. She’s exceptionally great and a lion mentor, indeed! Lending your voices to these discussions empowers someone out there, who needs to learn from your experiences. Join the discussions now.

Meanwhile, we’re always at your service, join us at Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy by signing up now at or call me on 08038702075.

God bless you, enjoy the weekend!


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