Monday, 16 January 2017


Remy Chukwunyere writes from Imo State.... 

Dear IYB readers, Good evening and welcome once more to the Business in You Daily! Today, I want to dedicate this edition to thanking all those that partnered with us last year in reaching out to young people across the country with our message.

For us at the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, powered by African Youth Development Foundation and Imo State Directorate for Employment and Job Center, year 2016 was a great year as it took us round Nigeria with our message for young people, which centered on the urgent need to embrace self employment through entrepreneurship development. 

Without your kind supports and partnership, those who are running their own small businesses today, would have remained idle, running about, looking for jobs. That is our mission and we envision a country, where more youths will drive the economy in the private sector.

In this year, 2017, we have set for ourselves, a taller objective, which shall take us to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and beyond with this all important message. We are doing this because, the unemployment crisis ravaging our country and those within the African continent cannot be resolved by waiting for Government’s white collar jobs or blue collar jobs in oil companies and banks. 

We strongly believe that there’s a multi-million naira business in everyone. It only takes empowering unemployed youths and those in the universities with the right information they need to turn their talents and skills into business ventures. Instances of those who towed this line abound and most remarkably, they started out young like those who are idling away looking for manna to fall from heaven! 

We are set to do more, so we ask, are you ready? If you are ready, I am awaiting your invitation to speak to youths, women and children in your school, church, community, constituency, state, etc. Interestingly, as a Master Facilitator and Business Coach, I use methods that keep my audience active and asking for more…

Hahahaha, don’t mind me but as they say, “the taste of the pudding is always in the eating”. If you have listened to any of my presentations before, can you share your testimonies with us here?

So, let’s do more… call me now on 08038702075 or email us at Many thanks for your usual kind attention and good night!


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma