Monday, 2 January 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: A New Year of Opportunities

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Remy Chukwunyere writes from Imo State....................

Dear IYB readers, happy New Year! Like me, I know you are so excited and grateful to God for bringing us into Year 2017. Frankly speaking, the year 2016 was a great one, despite all the odds and challenges we encountered along the way. For me, I feel, God used 2016 to prepare us adequately for the many opportunities that await us this year.

So, may I gladly welcome you to the first edition of the Business in You Daily for the year! Like I have titled this edition above, this year is full of opportunities and by the grace of God, I have been able to prepare you in order to grab any of these opportunities and fly with it.

In this New Year series, I will be discussing some of the strategies that you must apply if you must begin early this year. One of them is: 

• Never Wait For The Perfect Idea

I wish to reiterate this once more, that there is nothing like a perfect idea. Ideas are like raw materials and can only become perfect or beautiful when they are refined. When I said this in Asaba at the YALI Startup program last year, one of the participants became so excited and after my presentation, she declared that all through her life of seminars and workshops, that she has never been impacted and empowered before like my presentation did.

Hahahahaha… I wasn’t really surprised by her statement because the Bible already said that, “only a word from the Master is what is needed to set one free”.

My dear, that thing you call an ordinary idea will turn out a great business or project when you give it more thoughts and time. That’s one secret successful entrepreneurs may not tell you. If you’re sincere, you will agree with me that some ideas you have had in the past became more meaningful as you gave more thoughts to them.

I want to remind you that every successful business you see today around the world started just like an idea. One more thing, I will not fail to inform you that if you delay in refining and launching out that your idea, someone else will do so because, no one has a monopoly of ideas.

Finally, before I let you go, let me shock you with this global truth… “You don’t need money to start, what you need is just an idea”. At the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, we are waiting to help you turn your ideas into business opportunities, so join us now at or call me on 0803 870 2075.

God bless you and welcome to the Year of Opportunities!


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