Wednesday, 4 January 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY....New Mindsets: Amazing Feedback from Readers… Part 2

Remy Chukwunyere writes from Imo State...

Dear IYB readers, Good evening and welcome to the Business in You Daily. I hope you’re learning from this hot topic and interesting debate. 

Remember, you don’t learn how to make money in the schools but on the streets. What we share here are realities of life (or otherwise known as street) experiences. The more you give time to read them, the better for you. 

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According to Carol Kezziah Wambui “Most children of civil servants find it exceptionally hard to venture into any business venture because their parents from an early age groomed them to be teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc.”

Responding to the above, Remy Chukwunyere said… “Carol, that's very correct but in reality, how many lawyers and doctors are in the list of richest persons in the world? Don't forget that those in both professions belong to the 'S-quadrant’, which according to the theory of Cash Flow Quadrants, is for self employed professionals and so, are usually perfectionists, who are afraid to train their subordinates for fear of competition. So, how many of them are really changing lives and empowering others?”

For Carol Kezziah Wambui, she still maintained that few are really changing lives. “Their lives are programmed lives, unable to have a grip on the unpredictable world of business. They believe in promotion at work while a business man knows when it’s time to jump from level to level.”

Muna Onuzo-Iyanam said, “I don't agree that few are changing lives... we all are changing lives in varying degrees! Some are splashed on the pages of newspaper and are celebrated, some are impacting our children in the classrooms, helping busy parents mold and shape the mindset of their children; some are standing on the road as traffic wardens keeping our streets organized. 

Even those you have described as programmed to only believe in promotion are today called INTRAPRENEURS! Their contribution in the workplace to grow and expand a small business into an institution is invaluable! I will end this by saying that life is about choices. Those who choose to succeed will succeed. Every endeavor has its own unique set of rules... it's not also true that every businessman knows when to jump from level to level... if this were true, we should have more billionaires and astute businessmen in Nigeria.

What Remy Chukwunyere is doing will impact many, however, only a few who have been impacted, will fully embrace the full benefit of the program. As @NaetoC would say, "the only MC with an MSc." This my dear boils down to personal choice and not classical conditioning or parental machinations.”

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