Wednesday, 11 January 2017

This girl is caught as she tries to smuggles out a Venezuelan prisoner (boy friend) from jail. You think it's Love?

  • Antonieta Robles Saouda, 25, went to visit her lover in prison in Venezuela
  • But as she left prison guards noticed she was struggling with her suitcase
  • Inside they found her lover, Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia, trying to keep low profile

This guy girl friend came up with a fiendishly clever but simple plan to spring her boyfriend from prison - smuggling him out in a suitcase.

Antonieta Robles Saouda's plan almost worked but guards became suspicious as she struggled with the weight of the suitcase with her lover Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia inside.

Guards at the Puente Ayala prison in Anzoategui state in northern Venezuela demanded she open the pink suitcase.

Inside they found Vargas, 25, performing a feat of contortionism, bent double and in a great deal of discomfort. 

The game was up for Vargas, who is serving nine years and eight months for stealing a car, but he was forced to resume the position so the guards could take this remarkable photograph. 

Family visits and overnight stays are quite common in Latin America and Ms Saouda, 25, had arrived at the jail carrying the large pink suitcase and accompanied by her six-year-old daughter.

But when she came to leave the following day they found Vargas huddled inside. 

The couple were both arrested and Ms Saouda has now been detained and is expected to be charged. 

The little girl was put in the temporary care of social services.


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