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To win Delta, APC must first win back its soul; A right of Reply. By Aghogho A. Orotomah

I read the above titled article by one Godwin Anaughe published in Vanguard of Sunday January 8, 2017. I find the article interesting, compelling but bemusing!

Mr Anaughe wrote an article where he positioned himself as an APC patriot who is genuinely distressed by the internal infighting and disunity in Delta APC; as a good impartial party man who is desirous of APC forging a common front to dislodge PDP and win the governorship contest in Delta State come 2019. Yet if you factually interrogate the piece, you actually find a partial, self conceited individual who is out to drive a divisive agenda! The truly proverbial green snake in the green grass carefully camouflaging his paymasters's ambition and intentions under the dagger cloak of party unity and party soul redemption!

For one, who is Godwin Anaughe? This name rings no bell in Delta APC! Since the inception of Delta APC in July 2013, this is the only and first appearance of patriot Anaughe! Godwin Anaughe is either a new entrant into the party among those recently admitted and registered in August 2016 from either Light of Labour, Accord Party, SDP or Pdp or is a mischievous non APC member trying to play the smart Alec!

In summary, here is the gospel according to preacher Anaughe: APC failed and was woefully drubbed in the free and fairly conducted governorship elections of 2015 winning not a single local government area! Meanwhile, the super party called Labour won 4 LGAs! This happened because APC had leadership issues and have no political base unlike the Labour party that had strong leadership and a robust political base. Now, the super Labour party with its winning streak, led by the People's General Chief Great Ogboru has magnanimously and graciously agreed to join forces with APC, yet the leaderless, rudderless, no political base APC is failing to collapse it's rickety structures to allow the superior Labour party structure take over and lead the new APC to the promise land!

To finally nail down his case, Mr Anaughe had to resort to the ultimate trick; call the dog enough bad names to make its hanging a celebrated acceptability! So here we go: Delta APC Exco is after all "illegal", having being sack by an Asaba high court. Worst case, the party is bedevilled by factions! Olorogun O'tega Emerhor/ Prophet Jones faction; The late Senator Okpozo faction; Adolo Okotie-Eboh faction; Even the new joiners; Chief Great Ogboru Light of Labour is a faction and Hon Victor Ochei/ Chief Ayiri Emami, also head a Pdp faction! Ingenious! Moreover, the Prophet Jones Erue Exco is not only "illegal" it is also unrepresentative of all the factions! So, why would such a fractious party resist the attempt to harmonise and restructure it?

Mr Anaughe goes on to complain that new comers, who he claims are now in the majority, have not been welcomed with enough open hands, nor given enough sense of belonging nor are they well integrated! And now, wait for the clincher: 'all efforts to reorganise the party have been thwarted.....' ( ie the new members efforts to reorganise the old members?) Whow! When Mr Anaughe and his super joiners came through the Prophet Jones Exco for admission and registration and were dancing the victory dance in APC headquarters in Abuja, they were well aware of the existing disgruntled Okpozo and Adolo tendencies, yet they did not consider the Exco either 'illegal' nor a faction at that point! Now, as soon as they are in and their ' efforts to reorganise the Prophet Jones Exco was thwarted ' the Exco became illegal and a faction! Honestly, how on earth do you brand an Exco that admitted and registered you into a party 'illegal'? What does that make of you Mr Anaughe, an illegal member or what?

The truth is that the purported crisis and disunity in the Delta APC is contrived. It is a deliberate and vigorous strategy being pursued by Mr Anaughe and his brand of new joiners! The objective is to portray a house in disarray which should be dismantled to provide the super joiners the opportunity to rebuild and take control! The Anaughes and co actually resort to pep up and sponsor the so-called dissenting groups to make the factions defacto! Then they proceed to inaugurate their own factions to truly complicate and muddle up the waters! And the objective is simple: Hear Mr Anaughe put his case forward: 'the infighting has nothing to do with growing the party to win. Rather, it is a battle for who controls the party structure for personal aggrandisement. And leaving the party in the hands of those who cannot deliver victory but too strong to eliminate in the 2019 primary because of their hold on the party structure could result yet again in another disappointment...' SO there you are Mr Anaughe. I couldn't agree with you more! By your own confession, this contrive fight and disunity is deliberate and it's meant to dislodge the existing Exco 'who you claim cannot deliver victory ' so as not to be in position to stop you or your masters in the 2019 primary! It is definitely not about growing the party! Unbelievable!

Dear Mr Anaughe, joiners are expected to come to grow the party not to destroy what they met for fear of 2019 primary! The major cause of the persisting disunity is truly the desperation at this early times by the Anaughe brand of joiners to be crowned primary winners of 2019 in 2016! The purported disunity and infighting will instantly evaporate if the joiners focus on closing ranks with the old to build a stronger platform. If the joiners use their acclaimed strength to augument instead of destroy, the house can only be stronger. Mr Anaughe, please be rest assured that a level playing field will be available to all in 2019 as the life of the Prophet Jones Exco expires in early 2018 and at least there will be opportunity for the super joiners to take over the structure if they must and can!

And the earlier you Mr Anaughe and your brand of joiners sheath your swords and accept the fact that the Prophet Jones Exco is here to stay till 2018, the earlier it will be to grow the party for the benefit of all. For your information and education, the Honourable Minister Dr Ibe Kachikwu is not deceived by your antics! He knows for sure that all the so-called infighting is about individuals like you and your masters who can't wait for the 2018/2019 primary but wants to immediately seize the party structures! He will not be persuaded by your desperation and call on him to help you reorganise the party for your urgent take over! As you rightly observed, the meeting both by the SGF and the National Chairman of the party were indisposed to award you the early gubernatorial crown you seek. It is time therefore to cut it out and work with the structures you met on ground in the party. You may also use, if any, your super strength of cunning, to positively bring the Okpozo and Adolo tendencies along for an ultimate united party that will deliver victory to the long suffering Delta populace in respective of who eventually clinch the gubernatorial ticket of APC in 2019! This is the surest way for your masters, if ever, they will wear the crown!

Aghogho Abraham Orotomah is a Foundation APC member from Delta State Nigeria.

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