Monday, 23 January 2017

United States of America marine corps flags up Biafra flag while Trump is inaugurated

The Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) with US marine members on the inauguration of the 45th US president Donald Trump, flags up the Biafra flag while he was being inaugurated.

You don't actually need a blind man to tell you that IPOB are in full support of the Trump' administration, with so many expectation from Africa, especially the IPOB. This must be a strong signal of what Achebe wrote about 'there was a country'. 

Little do Nigerians know that even as they (IPOB) rally for Trump at Port-harcourt, Nigeria, they were also there in the United States to do the usual. 

Do you think US president Donald Trump is the messiah IPOB is waiting for to bring to pass what Ojukwu fought for? 

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  1. Wow wow wow!!! Trump all the way, and Biafra follows.... Nigeria done tire me abeg!


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