Sunday, 1 January 2017

Welcome to 2017: A Year of Renewal and Growth - Emerhor

I congratulate all Nigerians, particularly Deltans as we come into year 2017. We must first give all the glory to almighty God who continue to keep us safe and well in a most difficult period in our country!

Year 2017, however, promises to be a year of hope, renewal and growth. The APC federal government has spent the last 20 months to lay a strong foundation for the future economic and social political emancipation of our country. In spite of the subsisting hardship pervading the land, 2017 will see these efforts bear visible fruits!

APC government remains the true hope of renewing our country for growth and development, and i encourage Nigerians to sustain their support for APC and President Buhari. In Delta State, the future direction couldn't be more clearer! The 17 years of Pdp mis-ruled of corruption, degradation and exploitation without any visible signs of development continues unabated! This is why Deltans are clearly rooting for the rescue of the state by the APC in 2019. The progressives political wave swept the state in 2016 by the coming together of all the opposition political heavyweights and those in the Pdp and other parties, into the APC.

The APC has struggled in 2016 to harness all the strength it has gathered; but 2017 is the year of " to be or not to be "! 2017 is the year we must put our house in order and grow our strength. In late December 2016, we unfortunately, lost a key voice, leader, Elder and stakeholder in this effort; Senator Francis Spanner Okpozo. While we mourn him, we must honor him by securing the unity that will enable us to achieve the dream of a liberated Delta state, that he longed to see!

I, therefore, would like to use this opportunity of a new message to call on all contending interests in our party to put the general interest above any other. I personally will do so, and will put every effort to see that all our forces are united and all interest and tendencies are accommodated in our APC house! This is why I termed 2017, a year of Renewal and Growth!

I pray that we all join hands in this effort, leaders and followers, all, to bring Delta State back into the mainstream of the Nigerian politics as we all support President Buhari to elevate the economic and social political conditions of all Nigerians!

Happy new year and welcome to year 2017!

Olorogun O'tega Emerhor, OON
Leader, Delta State APC and 2015 Governorship candidate.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma