Monday, 6 February 2017

Breaking: President Buhari to spend 4 months outside his Office

A report coming from Sahara reporters is that, President Buhari might need to remain in London for as long as four months to attend a complete medical treatment as said by his doctor.

According to the news outlet, the president requires a major surgery that would force him to miss work for at least four months precisely.

The president special adviser on media, Mr. Adesina who issued this statement, was silent  on the exact date at which Mr President is to return back to the country to resume work proper.

It will be pertinent for you to know that, President Buhari took permission to go to UK for a vacation of 10 working day and after that has completed, he wrote to the National Assembly for them to extend the date.

#IYBlog is yet to get the Aunthenticaion of this matter independently as we hope to give you details soon. 


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