Sunday, 26 February 2017

Could it be that Christian homes has failed or what leads a christian youth to say Jesus is just an Angel?

OKe Uje a facebook user wrote these on his facebook wall, am asking if it actually work this way?
read his post after the cut

I grew up as a christian, baptized at an early age of 10 into the Anglican Communion. 
I became a Baptist member for 6 years when I was with my Dad, since my Dad is a Baptist member I had to worship God through the Baptist ways. 
I was made to believe that without Jesus, no one will make Heaven. 
Is no longer so to me. Even if you are a Muslim, Igbe, Buddhist etc you can still make heaven. 
God is not a God of preference. 
Many languages, he is not bias. 
Many Races, he is not bias. 
Many animals, he is not bias. 
Now you tell me he will be bias in Religion. 
Muslims can make Heaven.  
Buddhist can make Heaven 
Even igbe worshipper can make Heaven. 
Forever reign the Almighty God. 
Ten commandments(godly principles) is enough to get me to Heaven. 
Abeg to those saying am mad, am not.


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