Saturday, 25 February 2017

Imo Gov. grace the Event "The African Way Season II" Chisom Ifeakandu the brain behind The African Way

Chisom Ifeakandu
Last night it was celebration of the African lifestyle in the African way at the Imo State Youth Center, where all students from nooks and cranny of both federal and states school’s in Imo gather to celebrate The African way season II. 

At the event was the governors representatives, Honorable Remy Chukwunyere  the Principal Officer to the Governor on Employment and Job Creation, Honorable Chukwunoney Iruono SA to the governor on entertainment, The president Actors Guides of Nigeria Imo State Chapter, and many more dignitaries who grace the occasion.

The Event that kick off with a National anthem, introduced the person of Chukwudi Emerald who gave the opening speech.


Eemerald capture the attention of the audience when she spoke about how Chisom shared the idea of The African Way with her some years back and she buy into it and today it has become a reality. She thanked the audience for their patience so far even before the event kick off at a late hour in the Evening.

Remy Chukwunyere

The Principal Officer to the Governor on Employment and Job Creation also gave his speech.

hear him:

“ Good evening everyone, this evening if I tell you am not happy seeing everyone seating closely and with smiles on your faces, then I will be lying. I must confess am very happy to see that the long awaited African Way season 2 has finally take place today. Thank you for coming”.

He continue, people are here to watch you do your performances on stage and everything you are doing here must be done with a high level of seriousness, because the governor is aware of what is going on here tonight and therefore for the fact that this event is going on here at the Imo state youth center, I am here with the SA to the governor on Entertainment, and the president of the actors guide of Nigeria that are going to be selecting some good ones among you tonight. 

“I believe this is a platform for job employment, therefore not only those outside the entertainment industry that could make it. Jobs opportunity is here in the entertainment industry and today someone here will get a job”.

He concluded by thanking Chisom for sharing this idea with him some time ago and today his office has become part of the event. Thanked everyone who honored his invitation.

He said that the Governor is ready to make sure Imo Youth seeks employment in all parts of the economy. And this one is part of it. 

Speaking to IYBlog, Chisom told our reporter on what brought about the idea of the African Way and her expectations in the coming seasons. 

Hear her:

I had just finished my internship at an investment bank and during that period, I volunteered for the AFRICA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Lagos. I loved every single thing about it and felt I could do something like that too.

The idea first came about as a theatre competition but we had to readjust plans.. hence "The African Way"

The Season one was awesome. Everything went well as planned and there were no issues. We certainly hope that in the coming years, we would grow bigger and better.

IYBlog gathered that the event was organized by the Students Campus Movement and proudly sponsored by House of Freeda and other companies.

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