Thursday, 2 February 2017

Passion: Bad habits that lead people to illicit sex. by Kene Ugoo Okeke

Dear IYBlog readers, this may not sound well to your ears but the truth they say is always bitter. This post is actually one of those post you will always ignore and may not find interesting but try and figure out what the writer has for you.

Habit 1.  Being too Touchy: 

By being touchy I mean; always wanting to be held, giving and getting hugs at will whether 180° or 360°, pecking and soft kisses, sitting on the laps of opposite sex etc. 

Now note this friends: 
Ladies who are often touchy, who hug anyhow without caution and wrap themselves around guys can be seen as sexual magnets to sexually immature guys. Same for guys too. These people often pay the price later in secret mostly through sex or rape.

Some through this touchy habits have led even their cousins, relations, even casual friends to end up in bed with them. 

Note that the body you are touching is super active and is not *born again*
Learn to reduce the way and manner you hug, you are not *hulk hugan*. 
Stop the attitude of pecking the opposite sex, na trouble you dey find. 

Wait oo...Can't you talk with someone without touching, holding and hugging or being all over the person? 

Some even sit on their "friend's" lap and say it doesn't matter. "He is just a brother in Christ" they say. No Wahala He would soon take you to the next level. 

Being too touchy is a harlotry technique. That's one way harlots seduce their victims. 

Watch out tomorrow for the next habit.

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