Thursday, 2 February 2017


Have you ever consider the situation at hand among Christians and Muslims in our country Nigeria? What about the recent development between the Nigeria DSS,SSS and Apostle Johnson Suleman? well I live that for you to answer.

Rev. Canon Chinemerem Uche, a popular Anglican Pastor in the dioceses of Owerri, speak on this matter. He wrote on his facebook page recently and this is what he has to say.... It reads after the cut.
I have also believed in exploring the influence available to Christian leaders. I have also believed in exploring the opportunities offered within the constitution and the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

I also believe that even if the law constrains us, (which I doubt) that we can get radical and creative, we can think outside the box and do the extraordinary. It is the extraordinary that challenges the status quo. 

Let us take a look at the classic case in the book of Esther. When Mordecai learned of the terrorist designs of Haman against the Jews, he employed a radical non violent, creative means to wake up Esther, who undoubtedly was a kind of Jewish representative in the government that was getting hostile to the Jews. 

Now, it was against the law for someone to wear sackcloth to the palace, Mordecai did this and attracted the attention of Queen Esther. His act is what is called civil disobedience, no violence and no destruction came with it but it dealt a great blow to the terrorist Haman. 

I will march out to the street to protest this Jihad if my Bishop authorizes me. The Catholic Church and Anglican Church of Nigeria alone can organize a boycott or send a strong worded message to the relevant authorities to step in and stop this war against Christianity. The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria with all her boisterous influence can draw us out to rally against these wicked herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists. A united effort by Christian leaders can shut down Nigeria and bring the Government out of stupor. This I strongly believe can be done without firing a shot.

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