Thursday, 16 February 2017

Pres. Buahri Pleased to receive Nigeria national assembly leaders in London (PICS)

President Buhari tweeted this photos on his twitter handle when Bukola Saraki the senate president, Yakubu Dogora Speaker and Ahmed Lawan Senate Leader visited him in  London yesterday. 

The tweet reads after the cut.........

Pleased to receive Senate President @bukolasaraki, Speaker @YakubDogara and Senate Leader Ahmed Lawan, tonight.

Though different people with different opinion, even with this photos, some Nigerians has boldly replied the tweet saying the photos are fake that they need to hear and also see him live speaking to them.

The president who has been away for a vacation to take his medical treatment, requested for the extension of his stay in London because of doctors advice, has brought misfeeling among Nigerians that the President is dead.

Photo credit: Twitter


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