Sunday, 5 February 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: Continue to Learn… Go for Internship!

Remy Chukwunyere writes from Imo State

Good evening and how are you enjoying your weekend? I am glad to welcome you to today’s edition of the Business in You Daily, in which we shall discus the importance of internship in the success of every professional or entrepreneur.

Like I shared with you yesterday, whenever you stop learning, you start dying… hahahaha! That’s why I am discussing these important issues with you because, I wouldn’t want to lose you.

In the world of business and in most professions, internship is not a new word. For example, Medical graduates proceed for a compulsory internship, which they nicknamed “Houseman-ship”. While those in Medical Laboratory call theirs “Internship”, Law graduates go for “Bar Attachment” or something like that…For others in maybe, technical or technology-based fields, they undergo compulsory “Industrial Training” programs.

Have you ever taken time to wonder why these internship programs are necessary for every professional? The truth is that the school environment cannot give you all that you need to succeed in your career or profession. Apart from the practical training you are bound to acquire during the internship, you also learn how to build a business in that profession.

Anyway, those internships are for professionals, who have been to school. What about those who have never seen the four walls of the classroom but are gifted to turn their talents into business ventures? What about those who abandoned their professions for their passions? In fact, they are the ones I am talking about in this edition.

A typical example of the impacts of internships in the lives of young people can be seen in those who learnt trades by serving under their masters for several years before settlement. They do not end up learning just the trades; they also learn how to do businesses with their new skills.

So, as a would-be entrepreneur, it will be wise that you go for internship, especially when the business idea you want to launch out is not in line with your profession. For example, someone who studied medicine as a profession but is passionate about fashion or entertainment cannot do well when he or she jumps into the business without a form of internship from another person, who is successful in it.

Meanwhile, the internship we are talking about must not be an organized one, where you apply and undergo it for a set period of time. Internships can also take the form of learning from a mentor, informally.

Wooow… for want of space, this is the much we can take for today. What do you think about these opinions I have expressed above? Do you think I am correct? Go ahead and drop your comments, we shall be glad to hear from you.

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Many thanks for your time and good night!


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