Wednesday, 22 February 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: Continue to Learn…. Can You Write a Good Proposal?

Good morning Dear IYBlog Readers and how are you doing this morning? I am glad to welcome you back to another teaching edition of the Business in You Daily. Few weeks ago, I started a discussion on the series entitled: “Continue to Learn”, where we looked at several strategies for continuous learning as an entrepreneur. Today, we shall be discussing an important business strategy called proposal writing.

The issue of writing good and award winning proposals cannot be overemphasized if you must succeed in your new business in this generation. I know that some businesses may not require good proposals but for service providers and social innovators, to remain ahead of your competitors and to win grants and bid competitions, proposal writing is a skill you must go for.

While sharing my startup experiences in the development sector sometime ago on this daily, I told a story of how I learnt the art of proposal writing by doing. I tell you the truth; it’s really an art that you must learn, even if you studied English Language in the University. Another funny aspect of this art is that, there is no defined pattern that must be followed. The pattern is most times determined by the sponsoring or funding agency or company calling for the bids but if you are a professional in proposal writing, you will always win. 

A social entrepreneur or innovator cannot do without learning how to write good proposals. This is because; you will always need to convince an investor or donor to support your cause or projects. You cannot also make and present a good pitch if you’re not good in proposal writing. 

My dear, at Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, we are starting a proposal writing course for social entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as small business owners in Imo State. It’s one of the giveaways we are packaging for members of the Imo Young Entrepreneurs Network in the month of March, 2017.

Are you ready to acquire this business selling and marketing skill? Good, just send us a text or whatsapp on 08038702075 or drop a message on our page at or send us a mail to You shall be contacted with the date of commencement and other details about the course.

Remember, if you must succeed in your business or career, you must continue to learn and we hereby present you a great opportunity to become a professional in proposal writing. 

Congratulations in advance and many thanks for your time! 

I remain, youthscarely yours,
Remy Chukwunyere


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