Thursday, 23 February 2017



Barrister Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe writes...

Special Aviser to President Muhammadu Buhari and former top Editorial board member of the SUN Newspapers, Mr Femi Adesina is gradually fading away as his popularity rating dwindled in recent weeks for telling Nigerians "cock and bull" stories over the whereabout and health status of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

It is also my candid observation that Adesina's integrity and pedigree as a star in the media industry in Nigeria, is now in shambles and his funny roles in the APC government may finally reduce him to a petty lier, if he fails to resign his appointment as President Buhari's Media and Publicity Adviser.

It is shameful that Mr President's spokesman came on national television to tell Nigerians that he no longer have direct access to his boss and had to transmit any baggage given to him by the political horse riders of the powerful Northern cabal operating inside Aso Rock and elsewhere.

It is an open fact that the All Progressives Congress (APC), is a party built on political propaganda and lies for which the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed played key roles while the APC was in opposition. 

Nigerians may never forget the dirty fight the party gave the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) between 2013 and 2015, on a daily basis by deploying hate speeches and sponsored media attacks to smear the image of the PDP as government in power.

During the Ya'Adua administration and while he was ill and taken to Saudi Arabia, Lai Mohammed attacked the PDP government, calling its leaders unprintable names and argued repeatedly that Nigerians deserves to know the health status of their President and requested the Presidency to brief Nigerians on a daily basis. 

The APC as an opposition party at the time forced the government to fly the corpse of late Ya'Adua for burial in Nigeria and I think the PDP should serve the APC and Lai Mohammed with the same MENU. Time to play back Lai Mohammed's words and audio visuals back to him and the APC national government is now.

Today, Lai Mohammed and his partner in lies and political propaganda, Femi Adesina, have become laughing stocks on a daily basis for feeding Nigerians with blantant lies over the exact whereabout and health status of the President of the most densely populated country in the black continent. They are confused serial liers in a motionless government. 

I feel very sorry for Adesina, I can feel his frustrations and internal pains and agonies. He may never be trusted again by Nigerians and his numerous readers who for many years stayed glued to his objective views and opinions on national issues and good governance. The murky waters of politics is almost snatching away Adesina's integrity, uprifhtness and pedigree. What a pity!

As for Lai Mohammed, he will never feel any atom of pain because of his upbringing as a chronic lier, a fierce political propagandist and a ready tool in the hands of dreaded politicians and political demigods. His lies are well coded and laced with the devil's intelligence which enables him to function under demonic annointing of the spirit of ASTEROTH.

Nigerians must wake up to their responsibilities as the only salt of constitutional democracy and preserve it for future generations. The APC government is a scam, visionless and with no clue as to basic economic fundamentals required to drive growth and development.

Femi Adesina must save his hard earned reputation by dumping the APC moribund and clueless government of lies and propaganda. This is my candid advise to a once reasonable Nigerian, now a petty tool in the hands of power mongers. 

The acute hunger and amplified poverty coupled with stagnated economy are good reasons for anybody with solid integrity to avoid APC visionless national government. 


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